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Kidney Cancer, Symptoms, Types, Treatment and Prevention

Table of Content

  1. Kidney cancer 
  2. Symptoms of Kidney cancer:
  3. Types of kidney cancer
  4. Treatment of kidney cancer
  5. Preventing kidney cancer
  6. Living with kidney cancer

Kidney cancer 

The eighth most common type of cancer found in the UK is Kidney cancer, affecting almost 10,100 young adults every year.

Symptoms of Kidney cancer:

  • Blood coming out with urine
  • An itching pain just under the ribs
  • Lump may be found with swelling in the kidney area

Consult with your doctor in case of appearance of any of the above mentioned symptom. The doctor examine you, and then refer you for further tests to find out the reasons behind the symptoms. It is estimated that, in most of the cases there are no symptoms for kidney cancer and the condition is detected during tests for some other unrelated condition.

kidney cancer

The kidney cancer affects mostly the older people above 50 years of age. It is more common in men then in women.

Types of kidney cancer

Different types of cancer are known to affect the kidneys, among which the most common type affecting kidneys is the renal cell carcinoma. It is accounted for almost 80% of all the reported cases of cancer.

stages of kidney cancer

The common types of kidney cancer may include:

  • Transitional Cell Cancer: It usually develops in the cells lining he kidneys, normally affects men above 50 years of age.
  • Wilms Cancer: it is rare type of kidney cancer found in children.

Treatment of kidney cancer

Like all other cancer types if, kidney cancer is diagnosed earlier then treatment is possible. The treatment depends on the size and the extent of spread of cancer. The first thing you need to perform is the surgery to get rid of the kidney cancer. But, it is seen that unlike other types of cancer chemotherapy is not much effective for kidney cancer. However, some non-surgical measures such as radiotherapy and targeted therapies may also be applied.

treatment of kidney cancer

Preventing kidney cancer

The real causes of kidney cancer are not fully characterized, hence prevention is not completely possible. It is now seen that living a healthy life style reduces the risk of developing a cancer. The healthy diet along with proper exercise help to get rid of the obesity, a leading risk for the kidney cancer.

Living with kidney cancer

The kidney cancer affects your daily life, which depends on the stage of the cancer and treatment you are using for kidney cancer. The treatment varies from person to person. You can easily cope with the conditions but, it all depends on the diagnosis.

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