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Life Style is a Main Cause of Heart Disease

When it comes to identifying one main cause of heart disease, there are no simple answers. The truth is that a variety of factors can create a situation where cardiovascular problems of one type or another can develop. Here are some examples of activities and conditions that can lead to the development of cardiac illness in both men and women.

These days, lifestyle has a great deal to do with whether or not we put ourselves at risk for cardiovascular problems. As a society, we have become increasingly overweight at an alarming rate. Each year, more of our population is considered to be obese. Carrying around enough extra weight to be classified as obese will greatly increase the strain on the heart’s ability to work, as well as raise cholesterol levels. Over time, the obese person will be more likely to have to deal with some form of cardio health problems than an individual who is not more than ten or so pounds over the ideal weight for his or her frame and gender.

The decision to use tobacco, especially by smoking, also is a common contributor to cardiovascular sickness, as well as lung cancer and other respiratory ailments. The chemical compounds found in cigarettes only increase the risk, by damaging arterial walls. This damage prevents the normal flow of blood through the body, making it harder for the blood to go through its normal cleansing process. This entire backup also forces the heart to work harder, which will eventually lead to permanent damage.

Along with eating too much, we also have a habit of eating the wrong things. Diets that are high in cholesterol, processed sugars, salt, and red meats can create conditions where we are not only gaining weight, but also lining the arterial walls with extra cholesterol deposits that impact the flow of blood. We can decrease the danger from our diet by simply decreasing the amount of red meat, increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, fish and other lean meats.

Stress and a lack of exercise often go hand in hand. As we deal with prolonged periods of stress, we may feel less inclined to devote some time to at least walking or biking thirty minutes a day. Long periods of stress put extra pressure on the entire body’s ability to perform. Exercise not only helps to balance out the demand on our hearts, but also helps to release endorphins into our bloodstream, which help us to deal with stress more effectively.

Obviously the causes of cardiac illness are many and varied. In any case, in order to be healthy, live a long life, each person needs to be aware of what he or she should be doing to take care of the heart. The cause of heart disease can be dramatically reduced by eating properly, getting regular exercise, minimizing stress and avoiding tobacco altogether.


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