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Liver Cancer, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. Signs and Symptoms
  3. Causes of liver Cancer
  4. Prevention against Liver Cancer
  5. Who is affected with Liver Cancer?
  6. Diagnosis of Liver Cancer
  7. Treatment of Liver Cancer


The primary liver cancer is rare type of cancer, but is serious type of cancer affecting directly your liver.

The primary liver cancer is different from secondary liver cancer, because the latter is known to produce in other body parts, then spread to the liver.

liver cancer


Signs and Symptoms

Like all other renowned cancers, symptoms of liver cancer only appears at the advanced stage. Common symptoms include:

  • Sudden and unexplained loss in weight
  • Your appetite may loss
  • Feeling after having a very small meal
  • Feeling of sickness and uneven vomiting
  • Abdominal pain with swelling in the stomach
  • Appearance of jaundice which can be characterized by whitening of eyes and yellowing of skin
  • Weakness and feeling of tiredness, even if you didn’t do any thing

symptoms of liver cancer

If you have any of the above mentioned symptom then visit to your consultant, so that in time diagnosis can be done, and start treatment as soon as possible.

If these symptoms are not very prominent and you have experienced other conditions of liver, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis and sudden changes in your health conditions occur then visit your doctor to know the real cause behind these changes.

Causes of liver Cancer

The real cause of liver cancer is still unknown. The most common causes of the liver cancer are associated with cirrhosis which is the scaring and damage of liver.

Cirrhosis itself can be caused by different factors such as excessive alcohol abuse and long term hepatitis C or B due to viral infection.

causes of liver cancer

Along with alcohol abuse unhealthy diet and obesity are known to increase the chances of liver cancer, it can also lead to non alcoholic fatty liver disease as well.

Prevention against Liver Cancer

You can reduce the risk of developing a liver cancer by cutting down your alcoholic habit, exercise regularly, taking healthy diet and applying steps to reduce the risk of becoming infected with hepatitis C and B. Applying all these measures you can significantly reduce chances of developing a liver cancer.

Who is affected with Liver Cancer?

Although liver cancer is very common type of cancer all over the world but it is relatively uncommon in UK and only 4,000 cases are reported every year. But chances are very high to develop liver cancer with risk factors for the cancer.

The number is increasing very sharply with age, and it is now estimated that 8 out of the 10 cases reported are diagnosed in people with age of 60 years or more. It is more common in men then in women.

The rate of live cancer increase very sharply and the possible reason behind this is excessive alcoholic abuse. The second factor which increases the rate of liver cancer is obesity.

Diagnosis of Liver Cancer

As the symptoms appear at the advance stages so, its diagnosis at the earliest possible time seems to be impossible. The diagnosis can be done after consulting with a specialist and after subjected to different tests like scanning of liver.

Doctors’ advice regular check up to those individuals who are at risk of developing a cancer such as Cirrhosis.

Regular check-up will allow you to diagnose the condition at the earliest possible time. The early diagnosis is necessary to get better treatment.

Treatment of Liver Cancer

The treatment directly depends on the condition and stage of liver cancer. If it is diagnosed early then it is possible to remove the cancer completely.

The possible treatment may include:

  • Surgery is required to remove the cancer cells
  • Liver can be replaced by liver donor through live transplant
  • The microwaves and radio waves are used to completely destroy the cancer causing cells

treatment of liver cancer

However, very few cases can be diagnosed at the early stages where these treatments are effective. Most of the cases it is diagnosed when it is impossible to remove the cancer completely.

At the advance stages chemotherapy is used to slow down the spreading of cancer and help in getting rid of discomfort and pain.

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