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Lower Back Pain Exercises

Table of Contents

  1. Lower Back Pain Exercises
  2. Knee rolls
  3. Bottom to heels stretch
  4. Back extensions
  5. Pelvic tilts
  6. Deep abdominal strengthening

Lower Back Pain Exercises

A number of home-made exercises can be done to reduce lower back pain. These exercise also help in getting rid of stiffness, tension and soreness.

These exercises generally, help to strengthen, stretch and mobilize lower back. Initially, go gently and work out on each exercise and position without feeling pain.

lower back pain

Perform these exercise once a day if your pain allows. These exercises can be easily coupled with cycling, walking and other water based activities. It is advisable to seek complete medical attention before starting these exercise for lower back pain.

Knee rolls

This will help in stretching and mobilizing the spine

Start position: lay down on your back. Try to place something under your head like a book or cushion. Bent your knees. Gently chucked in your chin and also keep your body especially upper side relaxed.

Knee rolls

Action: Roll down your knees on one side, which is followed by pelvis, then keep shoulder on the floor. Take a deep breath to stretch out body and then return to the starting point. Repeat the same steps with alternating sides for 8 to 10 times.


  • Move your body as far as you feels comfortable.
  • To get complete comfort place a pillow under your knees.

Bottom to heels stretch

This helps in stretching and mobilizing your spine

Start position:  always be conscious about start position, your knees must be under hips and hands must be keep under shoulders. Try not to over-arch lower back. Don’t lock your elbows, stretch out neck and back your shoulders.

bottom to heel stretch pain releive

Action: Do this very gently, slowly take your bottom side backwards. In this way maintain the natural curve in the spine. Take one deep breath to stretch out body and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat these steps at least 10 times.


  • Always avoid sitting on your heels if you are suffering with back pain.
  • Use mirror to ensure your correct positioning.
  • Stretch out your body in a comfortable way.

Back extensions

It will help in mobilizes and stretching the spine backwards

Start position: lay down on your stomach, and make you prop on elbows, lengthen spine. Keep your neck long with stretched out shoulders.

back extension

Action: use your hands to arch your backup and keep your neck long. A gentle stretch will be felt in the stomach muscles. Take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds. After that return to the initial position. Repeat for 10 times.


  • Keep your neck straight and avoid bending backward.
  • Make your hips to touch with ground.

Pelvic tilts

Helps in strengthens and stretches lower back

Start position: lay down on your back and place something soft under your head. Keep your feet straight and bend your knees. Make sure to relax the upper body.

pelvic tilt

Action: slowly flatten lower back on floor. After that make your stomach muscles contract. Tilt your heel and pelvis until you feel a stretch in muscles. Return to the initial position. Repeat the same procedure foe 5 to 10 times.


  • Make sure your deep abdomen is working throughout the complete process.
  • Don’t press down your shoulders, neck or feet.

Deep abdominal strengthening

It will help out in strengthening the muscles around the spin

Start position: lay down with your back. Place something like cushion or book right under your head. Keep your feet straight and bend your knees. Tucked in your chin and make your upper body comfortable.

deep abdominal strenghthening

Action: during breathing, use your pelvis muscles and lower abdomen, in such a way that you are performing an imaginary zip along your stomach. Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat for 5 to 10 times.


  • Gently tighten your lower abdomen. Use maximum of 25% of your strength in pulling these muscles.
  • Don’t tense up through shoulders, neck or legs.

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