Minimizing the Risk Factors For Developing Congestive Heart Disease

Many people believe that congestive heart disease is one of the inevitable circumstances of advanced age. While it is true that cardiac problems of this nature do often occur among the elderly, cardiovascular problems are not limited to those over sixty-five, and certainly is not a situation that every elderly person will have to deal with. This article will provide some examples of risk factors that increase the chances of developing this type of diseased cardiovascular system. In addition some simple steps that you can take that will minimize their impact.

A history of borderline or high blood pressure problems can help set the stage for cardio ailments later on in life. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who have high blood pressure problems and are not even aware of it. The reason for this is the disease does not exhibit symptoms until it has reached the danger zones.

There are a number of ways that people can help to minimize blood pressure problems and thus lessen the chances for developing cardiac illness later on. Among these is eating a balanced diet, avoiding or at least minimizing salt and caffeine in the diet, and exercising at least three times a week for thirty minutes at a time. If you are unable to bring the high blood pressure under control with diet and exercise, then your doctor can prescribe medication that will help you bring your blood pressure down into the normal zone.

Substance abuse, whether it is alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, will greatly increase the chances of having some sort of cardiovascular illness later in life. The best advice there is to keep your alcohol consumption low to moderate, avoid the use of tobacco in any form and limit your drugs to the kind that your doctor may prescribe. Recreational drugs are especially dangerous, but the abuse of prescription medication is just as dangerous. Make certain that you take, as directed, only the drugs that are prescribed by your physician.

It is true while some risk factors are genetic in nature (and may be untreatable); other conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise, substance abuse and other risk factors are treatable and avoidable. As with many conditions, treating the root causes can often lead to minimizing or even avoiding something that may be fatal, such as congestive heart disease.


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