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Mittelschmerz, Symptoms, Causes, Drugs, Treatment and Home Remedies



Mittelschmerz is normally characterized by one sided pain in the lower abdomen associated with ovulation. The word mittelschmerz has been originated from German word middle pain because its starts through a midway as the menstrual cycle progresses i.e. almost 14 days before the start of next menstrual cycle.


In most of the cases it doesn’t need any medical attention. In minor cases the normal pain relievers are very effective additionally home remedies may be effective. If the pain is causing trouble and is not going to decrease with the passage of time then doctor prescribe oral contraceptive which will stop ovulation and also help in preventing midcycle pain.


The pain usually lasts from few minutes to several hours, but may time may extend for a day or two.

  • The pain may be on lower side of the abdomen
  • The pain can be with dull or it may appear with cramps
  • It starts suddenly and is normally sharp
  • It is also associated with discharge or vaginal bleeding
  • It is rarely severe


Pain due to mittelschmerz can be felt on the side of the ovary which is known to release an egg. The pain is transferable and it may be transferred to other sides or can be felt on the same side of the ovary.

Keep on tracking your menstrual period month by month and then note the changes associated along with pain in the lower abdominal side. If the pain occurs midcycle and then go away without away treatment then it is possibly a mittleschmerz.

When to see a doctor

It rarely need proper medical attention. However you need to consult with doctor if:

  • If the pain in pelvic region becomes severe
  • If pain is associated with nausea and fever
  • If your pain persists
  • If you are feeling that the pain leads to appendicitis
  • If it turnout to be pelvic inflammatory disease
  • If you have experienced an ectopic pregnancy


It mainly arise during ovulation as the follicle rupture and start releasing egg. Some women experience it every month while others have occasional mittelschmerz. Its real cause is still unknown but it may be due to these possible reasons:

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  • The pain can be felt just before you release an egg with ovulation, and the surface of ovary is stretched due to follicle growth.
  • The released blood and fluid from the ruptured follicle irritates your lining of abdomen results in severe pain

Always keep in mind that pain on any other area or point during menstruation isn’t a mittelschmerz. It may be due to dysmenorrhea the normal menstrual cramping during menstrual cycle, or it may be felt due to some other pelvic or abdominal problem. In case of severe pain always visit your doctor.

Treatments and drugs

The treatment for mittelschmerz may include:

  • Pain relievers: to get relief against the mittelschmerz always try the prescribed drug aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen such as Motrin IB and Advil, or you may use naproxen sodium.
  • Oral contraceptives (Birth control pills): if it causes a lot of discomfort with excessive pain for months then consult your doctor to take the birth control pills. This will results in stopping the ovulation and you will have no more this pain.


Lifestyle and home remedies

If mittelschmerz last for only few minutes then you can get benefit from the home remedies. You can increase your body’s heat which facilitate the blood flow and help in relaxing the tense muscles and cramps go away. You can try:

  • Soak yourself in a hot water tub
  • Imply heating pad on the affected area.

You can also get the oral pills at home but always try to avoid these pills.

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