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Moebius Syndrome, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Cure of Moebius Syndrome

Table of Contents

  1. Moebius Syndrome
  2. Causes of Moebius Syndrome
  3. Symptoms of Moebius syndrome
  4. Diagnosis of Moebius syndrome
  5. Treatment of Moebius syndrome

Moebius Syndrome

Moebius syndrome present by birth is a rare neurological syndrome. The real cause of Moebius syndrome is unknown. It is characterized by the regular decay and paralysis of the facial muscles which are used to control the eye movements and expressions. People with Moebius syndrome are known to be unable to frown or smile, suck or blink their eyes as a healthy individual can do. It is proved that the 6th and 7th cranial nerves are involved but there may be some other nerves also involved to cause the Moebius disease.  The function of these nerves is to send the message from brain which are in turn responsible for facial movements.


In Moebius syndrome the nerves either not present or if present then they are under developing stage and as a result facial paralysis occurs sometimes the complete face may become paralyze while in other case only one side is affected. The other facial problems consist of bilateral facial paralysis and other physical problems are jaw, mouth and tongue deformities, clubfoot and respiratory illness. It is known that the Moebius disease is associated with some intellectual disabilities like development delays and autism but it mainly affects the children having normal intellectual.

This disorder was given its name after the first person who describe it in 1988 the Paul Julius Mobius. Recently it has been given a new name as Moebius sequence because of the single embryonic event which may leads to the chain of developmental faults.

Causes of Moebius Syndrome

The real cause of Moebius syndrome is still a mystery. Research is still going on to establish the environmental and some genetics factors which might be the possible reason of Moebius syndrome. It is established that during embryonic growth cranial nerves 6th and 7th are disrupted. There is no pattern which correlate this disease with inheritance. There are many sub classes of Moebius syndrome and all have different causes but the real cause is still unknown.


Symptoms of Moebius syndrome

The Moebius syndrome is known to affect different people in different ways and it is also reported that not all the individuals have all of these symptoms. But some symptoms are the characteristics of some other neurological conditions. Symptoms have great variation and also vary in severity. With the growing age the symptoms become severe and leads to the damage of 9th and 12th cranial arteries then leads to impaired function of other organs like tongue and throat.

The Possible Symptoms may include:

  • Facial expression may loss such as the individual become unable to smile and frown. Additionally the absence of blinking of eyes is the common characteristic.
  • As the cranial nerve 6 is known to control the movement of lateral eye so it become interrupted.
  • A condition arises in which the eyes are unable to align properly known as strabismus.
  • The individual become unable to squint.
  • The baby will be unable to suck this is the earliest sign and symptom of Moebius syndrome.
  • Often feels difficulty during swallowing.sym
  • Drooling become excessive
  • High mouth roof with abnormal opening
  • The unusual short tongue
  • Micrognathia
  • Microstomia
  • Teeth either missed or not complete
  • In case when cranial nerve 8 is affected then hearing problems are common
  • Reduction in muscle tone
  • Abnormalities in the bones of hands and feet

Diagnosis of Moebius syndrome

There is no proper diagnosing procedure for Moebius Syndrome because there is no test available and the diagnosis depends on the assessment and medical history of the patient. Additionally the CAT scan and MRI may be done to get the possible diagnosis. The only symptom that appear to be diagnosed at the early time is the mask like appearance when crying. The individual may be deprived of sucking during feeding.


Treatment of Moebius syndrome

As this is a disease by birth so there is no care to avoid this disease. The treatment depends on the symptoms.

  • To ensure sufficient nutrition in those individuals who are unable to suck special tubes are available to feed them and to fulfil their requirements.
  • The eating and speaking difficulties can be reduce by occupational or physical therapies. This will help to improve your motor
  • The care of eyes is very important in this case, surgeries related to eyelid loading are now a day available this will help in closing and opening of the eyes. Additionally the sunglasses and the known wide-brimmed sunhats also help to improve eyes in the Moebius syndrome. As the eyes are squint they are very sensitive to sunlight.
  • Cleft palate can be removed with surgery before 12 years of age. It is advisable to visit specialist if you have cleft palate.
  • Surgeries are available which can make you able to smile but other facial expressions can never be upgraded. The surgery is also a complicate term.

To communicate socially facial expressions are very important. We express number of things with the help of our facial expressions and every expression means something different. Meanwhile if you are unable to smile and to give expressions on specific occasions then you look uninterested in particular conditions and people always make a gesture for you as an unfriendly companion. However with the passage of time your family and friend become able to pick up the real meaning behind your little expressions. But with the passage of time the patients develop other communication ways such as body language, different tones of voices and posture. With proper therapies and family and friends care you can easily develop alternatives to communicate with people and send your messages to others. Although there is no care but luckily the disease is not known to risk the life only expressions loss in Moebius syndrome. You can survive the normal life and your growth is not affected by this disorder. Additionally no mental problems are associated with it and your intellectual powers are not imbalanced with disorder. All what you can do is to do proper practice to develop alternatives.

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