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What is a narcissistic pervert?Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

It would be more accurate to name this record “narcissistic personality disorder”, which is commonly called narcissistic perversion. In this fact sheet, the narcissistic perverse name refers to a person with narcissistic personality disorder.

narcissistic pervert or a person with a narcissistic personality disorder is a person who has a self-depreciating image of himself and who values ​​himself by belittling others. Men are more often affected than women by narcissistic perversion. This person gives himself the appearance of being superior to others and feels an exacerbated need to be admired. She manipulates those around her and feels no guilt when she hurts others.

The narcissistic pervert can be a spouse, a friend, a colleague or even a member of his family, with whom there is a close link.

Recognize a narcissistic pervert

Very often, the person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is an attractive, friendly, and sometimes reserved person. She likes her flattering and charming side. However, very quickly, a discomfort settles in a relationship with this type of person.

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The narcissistic pervert:

  • Maintains a fuzzy communication.
  • Frequently changes opinion.
  • Tell lies.
  • Experience jealousy.
  • Is unable to confess his wrongdoing or to take responsibility for his actions.
  • Is unable to recognize the needs or feelings of others.
  • Is continually seeking recognition or success.
  • Sometimes presents several faces, for example, the transition from deep sadness to anger when annoyed.
  • Not aware of the harm it causes. However, his influence on others is calculated.

The person who is the victim of the narcissistic pervert:

  • Feel guilty.
  • Feels devalued.
  • Receives many criticisms.
  • Does not feel herself anymore.
  • Feels that she must pay attention to everything she says and does not to annoy the other.

Causes of narcissistic perversion

The causes of narcissistic personality disorder are both complex and unknown. A dysfunctional childhood (overprotected children, children who have extremely high expectations, abused or neglected children) could be involved. It is possible that a genetic or neurobiological disorder is at the origin of this personality disorder but nothing is proven to date.


When not treated, a narcissistic personality disorder can lead to:

  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs.
  • The Depression.
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Difficulties at work or at school.

People at risk of falling into narcissistic perversion

  • People who have a low self-esteem or who are emotionally dependent.
  • People who are unaware of the existence of the disorder of narcissistic perversion or those who do not conceive that they can exist.

Risk factors

Although the specific causes of narcissistic personality disorder are poorly understood, some research suggests that excessive parenting behaviors, such as neglect or excessive expectations, may be partly responsible for them. For example:

  • A parental disdain of the needs or fears expressed during childhood.
  • A lack of affection and recognition during childhood.
  • Emotional abuse or neglect during childhood.
  • Excessive pressure or excessive expectations of a child.
  • Manipulation on the part of the parents.

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How to get rid of a narcissistic pervert?

narcissistic pervert is in a reasoning of all power. This person believes that he is right and that others are wrong. It is difficult to hope to change his behavior. Although it is sometimes difficult to identify a toxic relationship and leave it, the best way to get rid of the grip of a narcissistic pervert is to end the relationship, especially if it is about a relationship of couple. This type of relationship can lead to burnout and loss of self-confidence. Moreover, all hope of harmonious and healthy life is vain.

In the short term, people who have to continue a relationship with a narcissistic pervert, for example in a workplace, can use counter-manipulation. It is a question of communicating with the narcissistic pervert with short and fuzzy sentences, to be very humorous and ironic. The important thing is to show through his answers that the narcissistic pervert has no power over the emotions of others.

Being a victim of a narcissistic pervert creates mental confusion. These emotional upheavals sometimes prevent rational thinking. In addition, the narcissistic pervert often seeks to isolate the person on whom he exercises his influence and sometimes tries to cut off contact with his family.

Despite this, it is important to inform those around you. Eventually taking a lawyer may prove useful, as narcissistic perverts are often experts in defamation.

Friends are sometimes enough to help a victim of a narcissistic pervert. A consultation with an experienced psychotherapist is often recommended.

Therapies to help the narcissistic pervert

The narcissistic personality disorder is often difficult to treat, since the principal does not always realize that he is suffering from it. Usually, this person’s entourage finds that she needs help. The narcissistic pervert often has an unstable couple life and relationships with family or social conflict.

In rare cases, for example following a divorce or many relational failures, the narcissistic pervert can have awareness and undertake work on him.

Different psychotherapies can help the patient to bring out the malaise that caused this type of personality. The origin of this defense mechanism often goes back to early childhood.

Family therapy is the family of the person affected. Several discussion sessions aim to explore conflicts and communication problems in order to deal with relationship problems.

Group therapy involves meeting people who have the same type of problems and aims to improve relationships with others. It is an opportunity to learn to listen to others and become sensitive to their emotions.

Individual therapy can take several years before results can be seen. In the long term, the therapy aims to restructure the personality, in order to recreate a positive and realistic image of one. Therapy helps to learn to maintain better relationships with others, more intimate relationships, more enjoyable and satisfying.

There is no medication specifically used to treat narcissistic perversion. However, if you experience symptoms of depression or anxiety, antidepressants or anxiety medications may help the person with the condition.

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