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Obesity Problems: How to Get Rid of Obesity

The people today are suffering from a very big problem – obesity. It accounts to be the source of almost all illnesses and cause to take the life of many. That’s why the Food and Drug Administration is making its way to get rid of this problem by cutting off the junk food consumption through adding up taxes to unhealthy foods.
The officials believe that if they add certain amount such as soda taxes and fat taxes, people will opt to buy a more healthy food thereby decreasing obesity incidence – 6 out of 10 people oppose this law. A poll that was conducted by APNORC or Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research through conducting landline and cell phone interview amongst 1,011 adults revealed that they are against it and believes that the government shouldn’t get too involved with the decision making as to what they will eat.
Some people believe that it’s more convenient to buy fast foods than to go to the grocery and go through the hassle of cooking their own meal. Well, after all dialing from a phone, calling a pizza or hamburger store is much easier and there’s always a free delivery that comes with that. But they were never thinking of the calories that come with the food they eat; therefore the government also wants to impose a rule that every restaurant should put a calorie meter in their menus.
There are split decisions among Americans as to until where the government should get involved. Some agrees that fast food restaurants should be banned because they believe that the continuous raise of these chains make them gain weight. However, some realized that it is not a solution after all because what the world needs is less technology and more discipline. In a world where electronics are on its peak, everyone doesn’t seem to get up and get into work. They just want to sit down, grab some chips and eat in front of the television, laptops, Xbox, PSP and a lot more of other technologies that make them forget to run errands. They often forget the benefit of taking a good walk after a sumptuous meal.
Other reasons that they point out to be the cause of obesity are the following:
• Fast foods are cheaper that the healthy ones
• It is readily available and can be eaten at ease even while making their way to work
• It pleases the taste buds and taste more appealing than healthy foods
• Fast food chains are closer to their respective homes than the grocery
• They get bigger meal proportion at fast food chains at a lesser value
These are the reasons why obesity cases continue to shoot up and these reasons are probably neglected by the people. It is not only the responsibility of the government to lead the people the way to a healthy life. It is their own health that is at stake therefore, it is their sole responsibility with a little guide from the government to eat healthy foods and be fit.
They should try something healthy like:
• Avoiding to sit in front of the monitor or TV for the whole day
• Doing errands on their own two feet
• Making their way to nearby places by walking or through cycling
• Incorporating exercise to their daily schedule
• Going out with the family or friends for a sports day
If the people don’t want the government to take over their decision making, they should make an effort to decide for their own and lead the way towards a healthy living.

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