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Pregnancy and Obesity

For a new mom, the experience of giving birth is invaluable; it can also be very emotional. Indeed, theirs is just so much joy, so much excitement in giving birth to a precious child that you will never, not in this lifetime, trade for anything else.

However, one issue that you have to deal with following the birth of your baby is your figure. It actually happens to many women to find it very difficult to get back to their pre-pregnant figure. Others don’t really make an effort at all, thinking that being fat, obese, or undesirable, is a normal consequence of childbirth, and they just don’t mind a bit. They’re too engrossed with being a mom that they don’t care about their figure anymore.

Recent studies do show a link occurring between pregnancy and obesity, and it’s not only because there is a tendency for pregnant women to overeat. Some women experience weight gain following childbirth, not really because of overeating, but more so because of pregnancy-related complications just like stress incontinence or urine outflow, poor reproductive health or even depression.

Yes, it’s been found out that depression or low self esteem can lead to binge-eating, which can result to weight gain. If you allow the situation to get out of hand, there’s a big possibility that the weight gain can turn into something a lot worse — obesity.

Also, while it is normal for a woman’s body to change to accommodate the growing fetus, the weight gain that results is seen to contribute further to the weight gain soon after giving birth.

Of course, it does not mean that you should neglect your body and resign to the belief that weight gain is part of motherhood. Everybody, notwithstanding the number of children already borne, deserves a beautiful body. More importantly, obesity can put you at risk for more serious health complications.

It is important for you to understand, though, that it can take about 9 months before you can be able to start seeing yourself in your almost pre-pregnant figure. Thus, you should never be too desperate to try all means to lose weight soon after childbirth. Do not rush your body; keep in mind that your body must have been used to the fact that something is growing inside it, and now it needs to readjust to the situation wherein there is no more life growing inside it.

So what exactly can you do in order to prevent yourself from getting obese? The best thing is to eat all the right kinds of food, and of course, to exercise. Go see your doctor and have him or her recommend the kind of exercises you can engage in after giving birth. There are exercises that are highly recommended for pregnant women as well as for those women who have just given birth.

Love yourself, love your body, because if you don’t you may find it more difficult to give your baby the best that he or she deserves.

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