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Proper Pregnancy Nutrition

Eating a well balanced meal is important to good health. This line must have been spoken thousands of times and by health gurus, no less, yet it always falls on deaf ears. However, when you are pregnant, it becomes all the more essential to take this matter seriously, not just for your self, but for your baby. You see, your unborn baby also takes in everything you eat. If you want your baby to be born healthy, then you should embark on the diet fit for pregnant women.

You must surely be aware that there are foods you need to avoid and there are those that you just need to have in your daily diet. Your doctor or a nutritionist can design a dietary plan for you.

Basically, the proper diet for pregnant women must contain the mineral calcium. Calcium has a very significant role in developing your baby’s strong bones. In fact, the US recommended daily allowance for calcium is 1000 mg. It’s a must that you take this amount all throughout your pregnancy and even after you have delivered the baby already. You can meet this requirement when you drink up to four glasses of milk every day. However, in case you feel sick or nauseated drinking milk, cheese, cottage cheese or yoghurt can make excellent substitutes.

Besides calcium, it is also an absolute must to take in about 400 mgs of folic acid daily. The daily consumption of folic acid can help prevent brain problems and spina bifida. You can get folic acid by eating nuts, green and leafy vegetables, beans, and cereals.

It is also recommended that you eat foods that are rich in iron in order to prevent the incidence of anemia. Fish, whole grain bread, lean red meat, chicken, and turkey, contain high levels of iron.

What you should not take in if you’re pregnant are caffeine, alcohol, foods that are high in salt content, unpasteurized milk products such as eggnog, and artificial sweeteners. These are thought to pose certain health risks to your unborn child, so it’s always best to avoid them as much as possible.

It is pretty normal to experience changes in your eating habits. Some women have reported feelings of severe nausea which make them intolerant to certain foods. Others claim to have cravings for strange foods. Notwithstanding these circumstances, you must understand that proper nutrition is to take priority to ensure that your baby is born healthy and just the right size.

Going on a diet is a definite no-no when you are pregnant. This is not the time to think about your figure or losing weight — you can worry about these things later on. After all, you will definitely put on weight when you are pregnant. In fact, it is estimated that you will increase your weight by 25-40 pounds during pregnancy. In the meantime, you need to think of your health and that of your baby’s health, and that means, you have to embark on the proper pregnancy nutrition.


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