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Reasons for Swollen Fingers

Reasons for Swollen Fingers

  1. Steamy summer days

Blood vessels expand under the application of heat, which in turn allows extra heat to outflow through your                   skin, in order to keep body cool. The fluid from the stretched vessels may escape in to your soft tissues and                   causes pain.

This type of swelling and pain usually tends to go with regular exercise. But, if the swelling and pain is just on               hands or in the figure, this is not only associated with heat evolved, and you must need to consult with doctor.

  1. Too much salt

          The Tso’s chicken, gauc and chips, or fried food could be the possible reason of frankfurter dingers. This is just            because the body needs a consistent water to salt content. Taking too much salty items results in retaining of                water and causes swelling of finger. The mild swelling goes away within a day or two, but it can last for longer              time depending on the quantity of extra salts taken by body. If the swelling persist then consult with your                      physician.

  1. Osteoarthritis
    if the swelling is due to the enlargement of bones of finger joints then it is possibly due to osteoarthritis. This happens due to wearing down of cushioning tissues just right at the end of joints. Osteoarthritis may be accompanied with pain and swelling. Some other forms of arthritis may also cause swelling of fingers and as a result causes pain. osteoarthritus
  2. Carpal tunnel

Carpel tunnel develops when the nerve that runs right from the forearm to your palm of the hand suddenly                   squeezed or pinched at the wrist. This will result in swelling with pain, tingling, numbness or burning in the                 fingers and hands. These symptoms normally develop slowly. It is observed that this type of swelling and pain             is more common in women than in men. Carpal tunnel

  1. Lymphedema 
    The lymph fluid carries waste, viruses and bacteria out of the body, if this lymph fluid doesn’t adequate drained then lymphedema occurs. The swelling can be felt at the toes, fingers, arms and legs. The effect on skin can be felt as it looks thicker and tight than normally it looks alike. The possible causes of lymphedema are surgery and radiation therapy done previously for breast cancer. In some rare cases it is also caused by abnormal growth of lymph system. Lymphedema
  2. Raynaud’s disease
    Raynaud’s is characterized as the narrowing of arteries, usually caused due to stress or cold weather. The selling associated with pain or prickling usually occurs when circulation returns. This condition is more common in women than in men. The bluish or paleness of fingers and hands is indication of Raynaud’s disease.  Raynaud's disease
  3. Preeclampsia
    If pressing of thumb in skin especially face and hands leaves a noticeable change, it is an indication of preeclampsia. This is associated with high blood pressure, it can be serious for both baby and mom, if left untreated. It is most common in pregnant women who are above 40, especially those carrying twins or triplets, and in obese women.

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