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5 – Important Reasons to get into Yoga

We all have this friend who has started yoga, sings mantras all day long and praises the benefits of this activity as a salesman of mattresses on sale. And even if it can be very annoying with his Zen attitude 24 hours a day, we want a little friend. She is always cool, does not know the stress and always seems to take life on the right side. When one is a woman with subway – work – sleep to undergo every day, it is said that it would be nice to change for a little more cheerfulness. “It would be nice to change for a little cheerfulness”.

Reasons to get into Yoga

The only question is how to get started. Yoga is often seen as a complex sport, which requires flexibility or to be very sporty or very relaxed of origin … Too many prejudices that must be forgotten. Here are 5 good reasons to get into yoga which is very important for thegrowhealth.

  1. A little motivation and a yoga mat

That’s all you need to get started. Yoga is much easier than you might think. It is enough to be motivated and a minimum of material to be able to put there. Find a comfortable yoga mat (a blanket on the floor can do the trick too), a proper dress and sit in a quiet space to start.

After that several options are available to you. Either you search YouTube for your perfect yoga master, or there is a choice. Either you use your smartphone to download Yoga apps. And the last option is to join a Yoga studio. We find more and more everywhere in USA, whether in private studios or associations.

  1. A passionate sport

Yoga is a sport that goes a little further than just sports. It’s not just about taking a few minutes each day. Quickly the daily becomes impressed of the values ​​of yoga. It excites and gives a new lifestyle that we are happy to share and display. Although we never do sports to display, there are sports that are always nice to present as his new passion. You know in spite of yourself that saying “I do yoga” will always attract the favors of your loved ones. Because it proves that you are looking for serenity, that you are a person capable of patience but also that you are able to do a sport that many others do not dare to try yet. So if you want to be the new yogi of your friends, you know what you have to do.

  1. Collectively or alone, it’s up to you

The fear that we can have when we start a new sport that is not collective by nature is not to be able to motivate yourself if you are alone. Just as one can be lonely in the soul and not want to engage in certain sports on the pretext that they force to work in groups. Yoga is in between as it offers both the possibility of working alone between its chakras and yoga mat but can also be practiced in pairs or groups. If you need to feel the energy of another to calm down as well as his is quite possible! What matters is that you can fully appreciate your practice – and not argue while you are in the Warrior’s position. 2. be careful, however, to promote practice with a more experienced person at first,

  1. Zen-attitude you will find

To do yoga after all is especially for you. Do you need rest, need calm, work out and relax? You will find all this in this very complete and excellent practice for body and mind. Just remember not to take that as an obligation. It is a matter of appreciating the whole thing and especially of feeling liberated at the end of each session.

  1. Flexibility is in practice

Practice is central to all sports. Hence the expression sporting practices. To reach the level they have today, many yoga masters have had to exercise for a long time. At your level, no need to do 5 hours of yoga a day, a half hour every day will be fine. It will bring you inner peace, relieve your conscience and allow you to gradually gain flexibility without you really paying attention. And before you even realize it, you’ll chain the positions with a lot more ease than at the beginning.


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Updated: November 14, 2019 — 5:07 pm
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