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Senior Care Center Advise on What To Consider When Evaluating Nursing Homes

There are over 1.6 million Americans residing in 18,000+ nursing homes all over the country. A nursing home can either be a temporary facility that people use when recovering from injury or illness or a permanent residence for people who are too sick or frail to live at home.

When a loved one needs a nursing home, it can sometimes be very challenging to find a good facility for them. You may be feeling panicked, and emotional. You may be feeling apprehensive, or have concerns about senior abuse.

If you are looking for a nursing home that will best suit your loved one’s needs, Senior Care Center have provided a couple of questions that will help you evaluate all available options.


One of the most important questions to ask is – is the nursing home Medicaid or Medicare certified?

Does the facility provide the level of care your loved one required?

Is it currently accepting new residents?


Is the nursing home located somewhere close?

Can you or members of your family or your friends access the facility with ease?


What is the facility’s physical environment like?

Does it impress you?

Is it well-lit and clean?

Are the furnishings comfortable and safe?

Is the facility smoke-free, and if not, are there any designated smoking areas?

Is the facility free of nasty smells?

What about the surroundings – are they quiet and peaceful?

Medical Care

Does the home have a licensed physician on the premises?

If so, is the doctor there all day?

If not, are they easily reachable in case of an emergency?

Also, can residents of the home see their personal physicians if they want to or are they only restricted to being treated by the facility’s in-house doctor?


Does the home background check all its staff members?

Does the facility have a registered nurse on the premises at all times?

Does the facility’s nurse assistants work with assigned patients every day and how well do they know their patients?

Are the home’s staff members courteous and friendly to residents?

How do they address their patients?

Do they call them by their names?

Do they knock on patients’ doors before entering rooms?

Do the staff members have security badges or name tags on them at all times for easy identification?

Rooms And Comfort

How are the patient’s rooms?

Are they comfortable and pleasing with secure and adequate space for their belongings?

How much personal belongings and furniture can a resident have in their room?

Are private telephones and TVs allowed?

Do resident rooms have well-situated windows with pleasant views?


Does the facility have special facilities like physical therapy, ventilators, and such available in-house?

What activities does the home offer?

Does it have ample outdoor space for recreation?

Do they take their residents for outings and excursions?

Current Residents

Do the current residents look happy, well-groomed, appropriately dressed and clean?


Are there are any safety measures like sprinklers, smoke detectors, grab rails in bathrooms, and handrails present? If so, are they in good working order?


Do residents have a say when it comes to their meals?

Is the food provided nutritious and appealing?

Does the facility have healthy snacks for residents and can they be accessed with ease?

Where do residents take their meals – in their rooms or in a common room?


Does the facility offer transportation services for hospital or doctor visits?

For more information on how to choose a nursing home, visit The website offers an interactive tool that makes it easy for Medicare beneficiaries, and those who take care of them, to access information on every Medicaid and Medicare certified nursing home in the US for comparison purposes.

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Updated: July 3, 2019 — 10:28 am
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