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Some Herbal Skin Care Treatments

Most over the counter cosmetics are strong, contain preservatives and are harsh on our skin; so why not make your own natural preparations at home. Let nature rectify the damage that we daily cause to our skin. It is because of modernization and commercialization that herbal skin care has given way to synthetic cosmetics. Nature’s remedies do not have any harmful chemicals in them.

Before starting off, one must be aware of her skin type – dry, oily, normal or sensitive; and use products as per requirements.

Use of fresh fruits and vegetables is the most simple and popular herbal skin care procedure. Essential oils, herbal oils also add to the list. So let us have a look at some of the most common and popular herbal remedies for skin care

Water: The most important contributor to a beautiful radiant skin. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to flush out toxins. It naturally hydrates the skin and gives that young vibrant look.

Turmeric: Cut out on fairness creams and just apply turmeric along with curd and gram flour on to your face. Your complexion clears up. It has strong antiseptic properties and is very good for skin health.

Rosewater: Purifies the skin, soothes it and works well on oily skin.

Cucumber: A wonderful toner for the skin.

Tea extracts: It’s a natural antiseptic and is useful for skin irritation and acne.

Neem, Basil: If you have any external skin rash, infection, just apply a paste of neem or basil leaves to heal up. They have excellent anti-bacterial properties, clear up pimples and acne and keep the skin naturally invigorated.

Milk: A natural cleanser when applied on skin.

Sandalwood paste: Good for all skin types. It soothes the skin and moisturizes it naturally.

Aloe Vera: Is a natural hydrant and helps in treating sun burns. It has a soothing effect.

Try out a homemade herbal mask – masks have a soft peeling action that remove dead skin, blackheads. They hydrate the skin, cleanse it and regulate sebum secretions

Fruits have a revitalizing, nourishing and often astringent action on skin. Choose fresh fruits when using as masks such as apple, banana, avocado, papaya, apricot. Avoid acidic fruits such as lemon on your skin as they may cause an allergic reaction.

Vegetable masks are anti-inflammatory; contain large amounts of vitamin A and valuable minerals. They are excellent after a sunburn. Vegetables that make good facemasks are carrot, cucumber, potato, lettuce.

Try it and feel the difference.

Using a natural skin care product does not mean, that you become reckless with other aspects of skin care. All herbal care regimes have to be supplemented with daily exercise, a healthy food habit, and a level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Why use herbal skin care?

  • Most herbal skin care products do not have any side effects, they are not harsh on the skin. Work on all skin types.
  • They can be easily made at home, and totally customized as per your requirements
  • They also treat certain skin disorders like eczema without causing any irritation
  • Are cost effective
  • All products are fresh, without any synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

So why not spare sometime out of your daily routine and use freshly extracted herbal cosmetics for your skin


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