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Sustanon, Dosage, Uses Advantages and Health Issues


Among all of the injectable steroids sustanon is the best one and best ever known steroid. It is so much famous for anabolic steroids so that it is given as a standard to all the companies that are making any steroid with the same formulae.


The suatanone 250 is made up of four different types of testosterone steroids 30 mg of testosterone propionate, testosterone isocaproate in the amount of 60 mg, testosterone phenylpropionate 60 mg and testosterone in the range of 100mg. the testosterone propionate acts as a initiator which start the steroid cycle within no time and the healthy activity of the cycle is processed by the other three steroids in combination, but their function depends on the situation.


Side effects of sustanon are almost the same as that of testosterone these may be libido, sleeplessness, fatigue, mental sickness, abnormal functioning of the muscles and pain in the joints in severe cases.

But sustanon is not as costly as testosterone enanthate but quality and working of both these hormones is almost the same.

If you use sustanone at 250 mg/week it will provide mark increase in the testosterone level of all those individuals who have lower level of natural testosterone and you will feel improvement in your body, but if you have a normal or high level of testosterone then you will little effect. The main disadvantage of sustanon at these levels is that it will suppress the hypothalamus and you pituitary gland and thus in turn reduce your natural testosterone production and this will cause bad effect on you testosterone level. If at this level you have suffered from natural production of testosterone then recovery is very difficult and no other hormone has the ability to initiate the testosterone production gain n a normal way. But if you have lower level of testosterone and you want to increase this level and to gain mass and to strengthen your body muscles and make your cuts more prominent then ever the surly sustanon is the best choice because of the combination of its four steroids and together they function more quickly and for more time they remain in the body.


If you start the sustanon at 500 mg/week then you will see prominent results. Especially for the beginners this dosage is the best one and you don’t need other steroids to control estrogen it will work by its own to control the estrogen along with testosterone. So at this dosage level it functional as a dual steroid.

Now next step is to increase the sunstone to 750 mg/week surly you will notice the effects in your body and if you are able to control the estrogen then side effects are almost similar to that of 500mg/ week dose, so the effects are more pronounce and there will be quick response by your body and increase in testosterone will be observe at this stage with minimal side effects.


1000 mg/week is only advisable to the intermediate or advance user and strongly prohibited for the beginners because at this level the beginners body is not able to bear the side effects associated with the dosage. It is strongly recommended that don’t use the drug at its peak quantity because if you are not able to control estrogen then whole testosterone level will be disturbed that is why it is only recommended for the advance users only.

One thing should be kept in mind always run a post therapy cycle after any steroid cycle. It will help you to get good idea about your muscles recovery and help in recovering all what you have lost during that cycle.



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