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Tackling with Deadly Esthma

Asthma is a very common disease found in most adults and children. It is an inflammatory of the bronchial airways. This will lead to mucosal swelling and muscle contraction. The changes or the foreign particles which escape the nose filters may produce obstruction, chest tightness, cold, cough, sneezing. This causes shortness of breath and low oxygen supply to blood. The severity will differ according to the individual.

Most of the Asthma cases are subjected to allergies. Cat allergy is a major concern. And researchers say that more than half the cases are not due to allergies and the cause is yet to be found. Exposure to smoking increases the chances for an Asthma attack. Fetus may have asthma attack if the mother smokes during the pregnancy. The outdoor pollutants are known to trigger asthma attacks. Children who cough after running or crying is a obvious symptom of Asthma. Also giving a whistle like sound when a child exhales is a sign of asthma. Infants giving grunt noise while suckling.

Asthma attacks are often triggered by the viruses. Hence there is no power in giving an antibiotic. Every year, they should be vaccinated for flu. Else they have easy chances of getting flu when compared with others. When a person is affected with allergy, histamine is released which causes the swelling of lining of the airway, muscle contraction. Some of the common allergens are dust, feathers, pets and insects. But in most cases, food products are a subtle cause for asthma. It is incorrect to think that people with asthma will have psychological effects.

Asthma is an inflammatory condition of the airways caused by allergens, irritants, infections. It is controllable in almost all the cases.

Children are more vulnerable for asthma attacks and it is important to keep them away from such irritants, infectious substances.

Always remember that Asthma is a controllable disease but if you think that there is something which is not normal then you should immediately consult your doctor or any online clinic which provides consultation of such disease.


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