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Meningitis causes, symptoms and treatments


The meningitis is an inflammation of s brain: the envelopes of the spinal cord and brain in which circulates the cerebrospinal fluid. In most cases, meningitis is caused by a virus (viral meningitis). Meningitis can also be caused by a bacterium (bacterial meningitis). Bacterial meningitis is usually much more serious than viral meningitis and requires extreme emergency care. In very rare cases, the disease […]

What is Meningitis?

What is Meningitis

What is Meningitis? Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain tissue, which may also involve the meninges, to varying degrees. Meningeal infection and meningitis are two diseases that are closely linked. What causes encephalitis? Encephalitis is usually due to infection caused by a virus, and encephalitis is usually a less severe disease than meningitis caused by bacteria. […]

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