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Amoa Anaplastic Oligomeric Anatomy

Amoa Anaplastic Oligomeric Anatomy

What is it ? Anaplastic oligoastrocytoma, or anaplastic astrocytoma, is a malignant tumor of the brain. It is specifically a glioma, that is to say a tumor from the nervous tissue, in the brain or spinal cord. The World Health Organization classifies gliomas from I to IV, according to their morphology and degree of malignancy. Anaplastic astrocytomas represent […]

Mental Illness, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications, Tests and Diagnosis, Classification and Treatment

Table of Contents Mental IllnessSymptomsWhen to see a doctorRisk factorsComplicationsTests and diagnosisClasses of mental illnessTreatments and drugs Mental Illness Mental illness is not a single disease it is referred to as wide range of mental conditions. It include disorders which directly affect your behavior, thinking and mood. The common examples of mental illness are depression, […]

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