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Hemorrhagic rectocolitis (UC or ulcerative colitis) Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

ulcerative colitis

The ulcerative colitis as well as the Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease chronic intestinal (IBD) of the colon and rectum If Crohn’s disease can occur anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract and reach the deep tissue, colitis ulcer is a superficial involvement of the mucosa, which starts at the level of the rectum to go up in the colon. It is also known as ulcerative colitis. There are 4 […]

Colitis: all about acute colitis and chronic colitis


Colitis is a particularly common reason for consultation, whether with the attending physician or the gastroenterologist. It is not a disease strictly speaking but a “syndrome” ie a set of manifestations related to inflammation of the colon. This inflammation can have many and very different causes, whether in the mode of occurrence, colonic lesions responsible for inflammation, […]

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