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Testicular torsion, what is it? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Testicular torsion is an attack of the male genital gland, the testicle. It is the consequence of an anatomical anomaly. This is a therapeutic emergency, which must be dealt with immediately.

Definition of testicular torsion

Testicular torsion corresponds to a coil of the spermatic cord, containing the veins and arteries that allow the testicle to be irrigated around it. As a result, irrigation of the testis (male reproductive gland) is interrupted. This may jeopardize the life of this gland.

This attack is the consequence of an anatomical anomaly. This can have great consequences and come to damage the genital gland irreversibly.

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Diagnosis, management and surgery must be early and rapid to minimize any risk of significant damage.

In the majority of cases (between 50% and 80%), the disease affects both testicles. In addition, two phases are to be distinguished in the development of the disease: during perinatal development and during the post-pubertal phase.

Causes of testicular torsion

Testicular torsion is the consequence of an anatomical anomaly, a mechanical deficiency. The disease appears during the development of the fetus and can be translated into two forms:

  • an abnormality of fixation of the membrane of the testicle on the stock exchange: failure to attach
  • a deficiency in the resistance between the gland (testicle) and the scrotum (sac of skin located between the penis and the anus)

Who is affected by testicular torsion?

Testicular torsion can affect any male individual, regardless of age. However, the disease tends to appear during the development of the fetus or in the infant stage.

The young child and the teenager also represent a population more at risk of developing such pathology. Adults over 40 are less concerned by the risk of testicular torsion.

Evolution and possible complications of testicular torsion.

Diagnosis and late management of testicular torsion can have significant consequences. Among those:

  • complete inactivity of the genital gland and the need for its withdrawal
  • the grafting of a silicone prosthesis

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Symptoms of Testicular Torsion

Clinical signs and general symptoms of testicular torsion result in:

  • enlarged purse with pain and inflammation
  • radiating pain in the groin and the iliac fossa
  • genes to walk
  • a risk of nausea, vomiting or discomfort

This is a therapeutic emergency that needs immediate management and treatment.

How to treat testicular torsion?

From the observation of clinical signs and characteristic symptoms, the use of health professional or even emergency services is essential.

Following the diagnosis, surgery must be performed within 6 hours. And this, in order to preserve the viability of the gland. This intervention is carried out in several stages:

  • detorsion of the testicle to restore blood circulation
  • fixing the testicle to the scrotum
  • The attachment of each testicle to its own purse.

As a result, close medical supervision is necessary to avoid the risk of atrophy.

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