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The Different Kinds Of Injuries Sustained In A Car Accident

The injuries sustained when involved in a car accident can be under two broad categories:


(1.)       Impact Injuries          – which are caused when a part of the body hits some part of the interior of the vehicle. Some of the injuries of this nature are the knee hitting the dashboard, or the head knocking the side window or seat rest.

(2.)       Penetrating Injuries  – which are cuts and bruises that can be caused by loose objects or shattering glass flying inside the vehicle during the accident.

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

It mostly is when the connective tissue in the body gets damaged. It can be the tendons, muscles, or ligaments. Soft tissue injuries are by far the most common type of injury that people sustain from a car accident. The damages can take different forms.

For instance, a person can get whiplash, which is a type of soft tissue injury sustained to the upper back and neck. The muscles and ligaments in these parts of the body get stretched by the sudden jacking of the head due to the impact of the collision.

The back can also sustain the soft tissue injuries due to the same forces and mechanisms that are in play during the accident. Some people will get injuries in their lower-back muscles and some in the mid-back muscles. In some instances, the forces can be severe to the point where an individual experience spine damage.

  • Scrapes And Cuts

Any loose items inside the car instantly become projectiles when the vehicle is involved in a collision. Books, cellphones, pens, sunglasses, coffee cups, purses, even the GPS device mounted on the dash can become a projectile that can pierce, punch, bruise, or cut your skin.

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The extent of the injuries can be major or minor with the former needs some immediate medical attention, and the latter often requiring little to no treatment. If a cut is severe and bleeding; it may require stitches.

While the airbags in a vehicle are installed as a safety feature that deploys upon impact in an accident, they can cause cuts or scrapes.

  • Head Injuries

Injuries to the head can happen in any number of ways, taking any number of forms. Some are severe, while others are minor. The unexpected sharp change in direction or stop causes the head of the people inside the car to experience sudden involuntary movements. Such motions strain the neck and back muscles and can even harm the head.

Impact to any part of the interior of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel or side windows can cause bruises, deep lacerations, or scrapes. The knock to the head can damage the tissues and fluid in the skull resulting in concussions and the most severe of impacts leading to brain impairment.

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  • Chest Injuries

Bruises and contusions are the most common forms of injuries sustained to the chest during a car accident. However, severe damage such are broken ribs, punctured lungs, or some other type of internal injury may occur. The drivers will mostly get chest injuries during a collision because of their sitting position behind the steering wheel that leaves limited room for movement before the chest hits the steering wheel.

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The impact of the collision forcefully throws the person in the vehicle forward. And though some may be lucky not to hit something with their chest because they had belted up, the seat belt of the shoulder harness can cause some bruising.


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  • Arm And Leg Injuries

The forces in play during the collision will throw around the car occupants inside the car, and this will see their arms and legs move unhindered.  For instance, the arms and legs will be thrown against the door when the vehicle is hit on its side. The legs tend to have limited space for movement, especially for the passenger in the back seat. For these individuals, their knees may hit the door of the back of the front seats. As for the passenger seated in the front seat, their knees may hit the door or the dashboard during a collision.

In most cases, the injuries the arms and leg sustain are cuts, scrapes, or bruises. However, broken bones and dislocation of the joints, such as the knee or shoulder, may occur.

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It is prudent to point out that some injuries may not be apparent or evident following the accident. And healing will be depending on the type and severity of the damage. Some signs and symptoms of injuries may take a day or two, weeks, or even months to appear. Similarly, healing may also take the same range of time, depending on the nature of the injury. That is why it is advisable to go for a checkup and get medical treatment immediately after a car accident.

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