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Tips for Reducing Body Odor

Table of Content

  1. Tips for Reducing Body Odor
  2. Keep Yourself Rusty Clean
  3. Apply Antibacterial Soap
  4. Towel Off Carefully
  5. Use “Industrial Strength” Antiperspirants or Deodorants
  6. Keep Your Wardrobe Creaky Clean
  7. Cut Down or Cut Out “Offensive” Drinks and Foods

Tips for Reducing Body Odor

It happens often when you smell, and it is not giving a pleasant appearance. But, you can get rid of body odor by following simple tips. Try these tips to get pleasant look.

  1. Keep Yourself Rusty Clean

Showering every day helps in reducing number of bacteria and other microorganisms on your skin, and also it helps to wash away sweat.

The sweat is almost odorless, but tiny microorganism living naturally on skin mix with the oozing sweat. These microorganisms multiply very quickly and causes bad odor.

So daily bath especially washing of those areas which are prone to sweating can excessively reduce body odor. It is a common observation that people who sweat normally are more prone to body odor than those who sweat too much. The reason is that: when you sweat too much, you are more likely to wash away the odor-causing bacteria from your body.

  1. Apply Antibacterial Soap

Wash your body thoroughly with antibacterial bath soaps. This will reduce the bacteria count, which in turn reduces the odor.

  1. Towel Off Carefully

After taking a bath, dry off your body completely. Always make sure you dry areas where you sweat more. On dry skin, bacteria are unable to grow.

  1. Use “Industrial Strength” Antiperspirants or Deodorants

After complete drying and washing, use an antiperspirant or a strong deodorant on underarms. The deodorants don’t prevent your sweating, but actually they mask the bad smell of bacteria. While the antiperspirants contain a chemical aluminum chloride, which helps in reduction of sweating.

Always keep in mind that stronger antiperspirants and deodorants are available in the market without any prescription. Always look for samples, which are prescribed as higher strength due to ingredients.

In case of further queries, you must ask your doctor about the prescription of deodorants and antiperspirants.

Apply both antiperspirant and deodorant twice a day.

  1. Keep Your Wardrobe Creaky Clean

Make a habit to change clothes if you are addicted with heavy sweating. As we known that fresh clothes help in reduction of body odor.

In case of foot odor, change your socks every day. Make sure to use deodorant powder in your shoes, go barefoot if possible, and replace insoles frequently.

  1. Cut Down or Cut Out “Offensive” Drinks and Foods

Eating material strongly affects your body, like spicy foods or hot peppers are major contributor to body odor. Similarly, aroma of foods such as garlic and onion may be carried directly to the sweat. It will make you smell bad. Drinking along with caffeine may also induce sweat heavily.

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