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Top 6 Factors to Consider before Undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a big decision for several reasons. The cost of the surgery is quite high and a bad transplant process can have a significant effect on the patient. Many men and women who experience hair loss are likely to be excellent hair transplant surgery candidates. Here are a few factors to consider before proceeding with hair transplant surgery.

Be realistic

It is important for you to be realistic and determine whether you actually need hair transplant services. You need to consider what this surgery will help you achieve. This is important because nobody needs an elective hair transplant surgery. If your hair loss is a major concern, you need to talk to a hair loss expert to determine the best possible solutions for you.

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Cause of the hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by many factors. Most people experience hair loss or receding hairline because of hereditary androgenic alopecia or female pattern or male pattern baldness. Hair transplant surgery is the only permanent and proven treatment for androgenic alopecia. When you know the cause of your hair loss, you will be in a position to choose the right technique that will give you the desired results.


Before the surgery is undertaken, the hair loss pattern should be established. Young people who are under 25 years are usually given medical treatment initially and this proves to be quite effective. The patient’s age will also influence the design of the hair transplant. Age is an important factor, especially when you want to design a hair transplant that is undetectable and natural. As you age, you lose more hair and therefore, you will need more transplanted hair. Your surgeon will assess the progression of hair loss and determine the best solution for you.

Overall lifestyle and health

If you have any serious health conditions, you need to address them before undergoing hair transplant NYC surgery. This is important because chronic medical conditions like diabetes and some drugs can affect the success of the hair transplant process. Your lifestyle will also impact the success or failure of the transplant process. You can reduce the risks of getting post-surgery complications and minimize the recovery time by ensuring that you eat right, have adequate sleep and exercise.

Risks or complications of the surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a safe out-patient process that comes without any significant complications or risks. Just like any surgical intervention, there is always a possible risk of infection. You need to speak to your hair transplant surgeon to know the possible risks that come with this type of surgery. The doctor should also provide after-surgery tips that will help minimize these risks.

Cost implications

The cost of quality hair transplant is something that you should consider. This is because this process requires highly skilled medical technicians and staff. There is no low-cost technique for providing the highest level of expertise in hair transplant surgeries. If you do not have the money needed for a transplant, you should consider medical treatment first. This is because inferior hair transplant services can have negative consequences on the patient.

With the advancing hair transplant technology, baldness is now a thing of the past. However, for you to get desired results, you need to choose the best hair transplant surgeon and clinic. Take time to research the different professionals available and their success rates before making a decision.

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Updated: December 4, 2018 — 3:50 pm
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