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Tren only cycle, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Tren only Cycle

Tren only cycle

Tren is a steroid and must be use in cycles different people have different views over the tren only cycles. This might be due to their different body responses after using that particular steroid. Tren is almost five times the strength of testosterone so its side effects are also more pronounce. It is advisable to everyone don’t start tren only cycle in the beginning. A tren only cycle user should be in reality an intermediate or someone advanced anabolic steroid user. Tren only cycles are divided in to different cycles.


Beginner tren only cycle

The beginner tren only cycle is further subdivided in to two cycles.

Cycle no 1. (8 week total cycle time)

Initial dosage is as follows

Testosterone Propionate at 400 mg/ week

Trenbolone Acetate at 300 mg/week


In the beginning you have to use the tren only cycle in 8 week cycle. It is advisable to use testosterone along with Ttren, in fact one can inject both by single syringe because they have almost the same half life and oily nature and work very well hand in hand with each other. Some people believe that tren only cycle if prolong for more than 8 weeks will be more effective but it will results in some harsh effects over body. Majority of the users find 8 week to be an acceptable range for tren only cycle.

Cycle no 2. (12 weeks total cycle time)

Testosterone Enanthate 100 mg/week

Trenbolone Enanthate 300 mg/week

The second cycle presents two major changes, the use of testosterone at TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) dosage and longer cycle time for tren only cycle. This will results in regulation of your body estrogen level otherwise tren side effects may appear. Because of the longer esteric variants use in Tren the dose must be extended to 12 weeks. Testosterone is an additional supplement for normal physiological functioning because body may produce less testosterone and normal functioning may be lost.

Intermediate Tren only Cycle

Intermediate Trenbolone Acetate cycle (8 weeks total cycle time)

Testosterone Propionate 100mg/week

Trenbolone Acetate 400mg/week

Weeks 1-4:
Dianabol 25-50mg/day


Now at this level you body is able to bear higher dose of Tren than the beginer cycle so you have to use the dose slightly higher than at the beginner cycle. Testosterone is once again injecting at TRT level. Dianabol is the newly introduce compound in the intermediate cycle but it is not always necessary because tren has the strength to work efficiently in the presence of testosterone. So, Dianabol in this tren only cycle is considerd as the kick to start the cycle which is important in terms of bulking and strength gaining phases.

Advanced Tren only Cycle

(12 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1-12:

Testosterone Enanthate at 100 mg/week
Trenbolone Enanthate at 800mg/week

Drostanolone Enanthate (Masteron) 400mg/week


At advance level tren only cycle one can use the dose even higher than intermediate cycle but one thing is important that all the compounds used in this cycle are of Enenthate, this is just for ease of administration, injection time, and all of these compounds can be easily loaded in the same syringe. Testosterone once again applied at TRT level and the amount of Tren is increased where it must provide you with better and desired shredded. Drostanolone is the compliment compound which initiates the tren to work even better.


Final conclusion is that your body is at risk by regular using Tren only cycle which include Libido which is the overall sexual desire of a person towards sex. It is now believed that regular use of Tren cause major sexual problems and there is a complete imbalance in sexual activity. Testosterone which is use as a co supplement for Tren is itself associated with libido so it is advisable to not use Tren on regular basis. Besides Libido there are other problems associated with Tren which include cardio problems, the heart beat faster and then may pause for a while, insomnia, a kind of sleeplessness is the one of the major issues which appears after regular use of Tren cycle, sometime cough may start after using Tren but this only appears in allergic peoples and the most but not the list issue with Tren is that it is strong drug and need other supplements along with Tren to minimize its effects but they have their own disadvantages in turn, e.g. elevated body temperature and night sweats, reduce appetite and dark color of urine are major issues, hence it is strongly recommended that don’t use Tren too much.

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