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Unleash your best potential with Nootropics

Expansion of physical and mental faculties has always been the goal of human existence. From the pyramids of Giza to the temples in Angkor Wat, across many civilizations, humans have been trying to get better and bigger. Everyone wants to think, act and be smart like a superhuman. They want to attend daily chores and professional targets like a pro. Self-expansion and self-improvement have always been the core focus for us humans.  In an attempt to be their best version, people are continually experimenting and dabbling on new age products. Smart drugs are the latest craze for many. Today, a vast section of people are consuming Nootropics, for enhanced mental performance.

The desire to become limitless

 Hollywood films like “Limitless” and “Lucy” have planted the concept of a 100% usage of brain capacity in people.  You must have seen Bradley Cooper in Limitless, popping out a pill from a packet and gaining access to a fully activated brain capacity. And such medicines are not just limited to the silver screen. As you walk the health aisle, you will come across similar supplements. Additionally, there are many pop-up ads of smart drugs promising to enhance your focus and memory. And in the coming days, the frequency of such drugs will only increase.

However, the million dollar question is how useful these smart drugs are? Does Nootropic do complete justice to all its claims of boosting brain capacity? Let’s delve deep into the topic.

Understanding Nootropics

Nootropic is a term coined by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea and is known as a brain booster, smart and memory-improving drugs. The name comes from the Greek “noo,” that means mind and “trope” in French, which means a change. Therefore, every nootropic has only one common objective – that is to improve functions such as focus and memory.

Are you wondering the way Nootropic works? This wonder drug works by securing brain neurons from all kinds of damages caused by raging hormones and toxins. Going by the theory, this drug is capable of stimulating neurons to maximize the oxygen and blood flow to our brain. And this leads to massive enhancements in the way we concentrate on subjects, execute a task and also improves our overall cognitive functions.

Brian Lebowitz, Ph.D., a board –certified neuropsychologist and the associate clinical professor at the Stony Brook University, asserts that the term Nootropics refers to a million things which also comprise of prescribed medicines. Usually, brain enhancers get categorized in two different kinds. First substances like Ginkgo biloba, phenibut, and creatine that occurs naturally and manmade drugs that are medically prescribed, for instance, Noopept and Adderall.

Do you want to know more on the subject? If yes, you can browse through Best Nootropics Now’s website and know more on this topic. It will help you frame a balanced and comprehensive notion about the subject.

The research that backs it up

Scientific research is continually evolving. And today, there’s been a trend of applying mind-boggling science systems to the field of psycho-neuro pharmacology along with a nootropic approach.  Similarly, our neural networks are very complex. In addition to that, the traditional reductionist science finds it tough to manage this complexity. The vast companies spend over millions in an attempt to break up the impact of only one molecule from the placebo effect. Surprisingly, Nootropics gets featured as “stacks” of various elements.  And this type of multi-pathway and complex input needs a radically different methodology for understanding clearly that is much more than what the capsules have in them.


However, we will have to thank the expert scientists and researchers for their efforts in this direction. Today, people are trying to delve deep into a thinking model on how the various brain parts can work in co-operation to each other. Also, we are keen to know and understand the way they can mesh with other body regulatory structures. What is required here is an effective collaboration and increased data to put this model to action. And in doing that you can also add to what Nootropics promises to do, that is improving the subjective experience quality and also promotes cognitive health. It has reduced toxic levels and has little to no side impacts as well. Nootropics is a kind of brain-hacking which instantly results in sharpened mind capacities.

The effectiveness of Nootropics

Most people question the authenticity of Nootropics, i.e., whether this smart drug does the work that it is famous for. Lebowitz believes that prescription medicines such as Adderall and also caffeine are two nootropics, proven by science to enhance mental faculties. Caffeine is known to increase the attention span. And this enables you to remember details when your brain is awake and conscious. Adderall and other similar medications might allow you to manage the attention span by maximizing the percentage of neurotransmitters in the brain that enables the oxygen to communicate.

Lebowitz says that when someone is buying supplements to enhance brain capacity, they are wasting money. He supported his claim by saying that if Nootropics was able to improve mental cognition and perception, it’s essential to this as a sideway project. Here you can have access to the way the brain changes with the frequency of tasks and off. But that’s just his view. The world has a different story to narrate about Nootropics.

The health advantages of Nootropics

There’s a section of people who believe in the power of Nootropics to enhance and develop the human brain in many ways. Also, the ones that have used this smart drug often boast of many advantages. Discussed below are some of the best benefits that Nootropics is known for.

  1. Having a decline in the age

When the brain is unhealthy, it can lead to bad memory. And this gets worse with age. A standard and high-quality Nootropic can assist in the chosen decline. But a vast section of people consuming this often is fighting multiple stress and anxiety issues. The body will highlight questionable brain health, by making improper metabolism and impaired vision as a part of life. Some people have also managed dark circles and wrinkles under the skin. A clean diet will clean up all these unwanted stress patterns on the brain.

However, in none of the above situations is the brain becoming inactive for a long time. And it is precisely where you need to consume Nootropics. It helps in mending the sleep cycle and pattern and keeps the nervous system free from all these complications.

  1. Mood enhancement

Our concentration level can have an impact on our mood. And this is one of the crucial reasons why sometimes people have very poor focus levels. Many studies conducted shows erratic eating and sleeping habits negatively impact the mood. And that alone can result in poor focus levels along with depression. The use of an appropriate cognitive enhancer benefits the mood improving receptors located in the brain. It can help the individual to cope up with problems like stress levels and social anxiety. And improving any of these aspects can assist in developing a food focus capacity.

  1. Developing a good concentration level

Most of us today have very poor concentration power. And our low concentration capacity affects both memory function and retention. It holds true, especially for students. They often find concentrating more than a stipulated time difficult. The usage of a proper Nootropic can help in enhancing the brain function. It works by boosting the motivation and mood that in turn results in better focus and clarity. Gradually, students start to experience better concentration levels.

  1. Gives a boost to your memory

Reading a book or an article is easy. But when it’s about retaining the essential points of the article or a book, it becomes challenging. And some people can remember a lot of information even if they read an article or paragraph for once. The stages of arranging memory correctly are many. People who have a poor memory can resort to Nootropics. This smart drug is known to enhance brain cell growth along with the neuron connectors. And this helps in memory recall for the long-term.

  1. Boosts the overall brain health

Taking a brain booster means enhancing the overall brain health. Today, our brains get overloaded with excess data, stress, and tension that we have to process on a daily basis. Life is moving at a fast pace, and we have to cater to many professional and personal expectations. Keeping up with multiple agendas, eating and sleeping in the wrong time often compromises the brain capacity. Nootropic helps to optimize the oxygen flow in the brain, which results in smart thinking and quick cognizance. It gives a boost to the entire brain health.

Its 21st century and we have to cater to never-ending personal chores and professional agendas. Having an active brain can process things faster than the average person can, and is always a benefit. A superhuman brain has always been a point of desire for humans. With smart drugs like Nootropics, one can unleash the best brain capacity. However, consuming the correct measure is important.  It’s always better to check with your physician before popping in a pill.

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Updated: October 11, 2018 — 3:44 pm
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