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What is Assisted Living?

Are you thinking of an assisted living community for an elderly loved one? If yes you must be wondering what that entails? Today numerous assisted living options are available, and the choice rests on the requirements and desires of the individual. Assisted living in simple terms is a form of senior housing which offers assistance with various forms of daily life activities.

List of Facilities Offered

The assisted living communities will support older adults in activities which are affected by muscle tone, diminished memory, fine motor skills, and flexibility. For a good number of seniors driving may not be safe, lifting groceries may be a challenge, lifting objects may be painful or to unscrew any medication bottle may be impossible. Besides they also support a senior citizen to take medications and get healthcare and also help with cooking, shopping, home maintenance, and finances. Besides, there is more advanced care which will support elders with feeding, mobility, hygiene and different another basic day to day tasks. Typically, an assisted community will come up for residents with an ISP or individual service plan. Such plans will make sure that every resident gets individualized care via outlining any needed help in a manner which cuts down the care services’ impact on the lifestyle of the resident thereby maximizing his/her independence. Some communities also offer memory care programs designed for seniors that have dementia, Alzheimer’s or other conditions which lead to a loss of any cognitive function.

Assisted Living and its Different Types

To help to find assisted living that will best cater to the needs of your loved ones you need to be familiar with the different types available.

Take a look,

• Apartment-like Living- Most communities are located in big complexes where a resident can take an apartment on rent with a private bath and a kitchen. They offer shared activity rooms like fitness facilities and libraries as well as communal dining.

• Small Group Homes- Also known as board and care, such living residences provide a homelike and intimate feeling offering space to about 4-25 people. Often such smaller places are situated in residential neighborhoods. Here seniors can take a single room on rent, dine together and share common spaces.

• Continuing Care Communities- Most of the assisted living facilities indeed are the standalone types, but there are a few that are connected to a continuing care community or a nursing home which offer care in multiple levels from nursing-home care to independent living. The resident is capable of moving from a particular level to another which means moving to another section when there is a change in their healthcare needs.

• Specialized Care- There are some that also offer specialized care for specific medical conditions like diabetes, depression and Parkinson’s disease. They also offer dementia care program. More than a quarter of such living communities have a dedicated wing or floor for memory care. Standalone facilities are also present which serve those people who have dementia of a severe form.

Do not take hasty decisions, choose with care.

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