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Why Heart Disease in Women is on the Rise

For many decades, the incidence of heart disease in women lagged far behind that of men. However, in recent years the gap has closed considerably. Currently, over eight million women in the United States have been diagnosed with some form of cardiovascular disease. What has led us to this sobering state of affairs? Here are a few reasons why women are experiencing more cardio problems than ever in our history.

Across the board, more people are overweight, with many of our men and women classified as obese. The combination of less physical activity in our work and our free time, combined with the types of food we eat has led to this situation. Obesity places a greater strain on the heart, in and of itself. When we combine extra weight with the fact that we are consuming fats and carbohydrates in larger quantities than ever before, it is only logical to anticipate an increase in the presence of cardio health problems among women.

In recent decades, smoking among women has also not tapered off at the same rate as with men. Actually, with women under the age of forty, the percentage of smokers has changed very little, and in a few sub-groups actually increased. Tobacco use leads to a number of bodily ailments, among them heart problems. Cigarette smoking among women is a direct cause of heart disease in many women today.

High blood pressure is often brought on by a combination of prolonged stress, poor eating habits, and a lack of exercise. As women have become more and more prominent in the business world, more women have to deal with work and home. Just as with men, the stress levels can be extremely high. Many women that are pushed for time often cut corners by having takeout for dinner and not scheduling time for exercise. Over time, this situation may well lead to high blood pressure and the potential for cardiovascular damage to the body.

Fortunately, there are ways to slow and even reverse this trend. Women must begin to pay closer attention to what and how they eat, as well as make sure there is time set aside for exercise several times a week. While it is impossible to avoid some stress in the workplace, find ways to minimize and contain the stress. Women of all ages must break the nicotene habit.

Smoking does not enhance any part of the personality, intelligence or the physical appearance of the individual. Certainly, it does nothing to promote good health. Stop smoking immediately and allow your body to heal.

Take a long look at your habits today, and begin to make changes that will ensure a longer and healthier life. However, it will take determination and a willingness to invest in a healthier lifestyle. In the end, the effort will be rewarded with many more years to spend with our loved ones. Heart disease in women is a phenomenon that can be greatly reduced in our generation.


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