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Why Smoking Increases Chances of Heart Disease

There is nothing pretty or sexy about heart disease. People with this condition may struggle for breath, find their self light headed, experience significant chest pain, and also may find their self lethargic and apathetic. Simply put, having a heart problem is no way to live. Yet, many persons who now live with cardiovascular ailments were once regular smokers. Just what is it about smoking that leads to problems with the heart? Here are some facts about smoking and how it can lead to significant coronary damage.

While many people experience a temporary sense of relaxation when smoking tobacco, the feeling is short lived. What is actually happening is the individual is ingesting some four thousand chemicals into the cardiovascular system, many of which can seriously impair the function of a number of organs, including the heart. One of the best known of these chemicals is nicotine. Nicotine is known to help set the stage for high blood pressure, as the carbon monoxide content of nicotine replaces a portion of the oxygen carried by the blood. Nicotine also acts on the brain, which in turn stimulates the heart rate.

Tar buildup in the lungs and arteries seriously inhibits the ability of the heart to supply blood to all parts of the body. The harder the heart has to work in order to keep the body properly supplied, the less it is able to deal with the decreased oxygen content created by smoking. This can lead to conditions that are more favorable for the development of blood clots, which in turn can lead to coronary failure.

All things considered, smoking can significantly increase the chances of some sort of cardio problems, with the chances becoming higher as the years pass. Fortunately, there is always the option of putting down the cigarettes and kicking the habit. While some people believe that they have smoked so long that nothing can be done about the damage, they are wrong. Even for someone who has smoked for over twenty years, it has been demonstrated that a period of three to five years of not smoking will significantly reduce the chances for developing a diseased heart or lungs.

Choosing to give up tobacco and adopt a healthier lifestyle will mean that you have eliminated one major cause of cardiovascular disease from your life. It also means your blood will contain an appropriate amount of oxygen and that your heart will not have to work so hard to supply blood throughout your body. The chances of developing blood clots will also significantly decrease, which will in turn decrease the chances of triggering a myocardial infraction.

If your lifestyle and eating habits are making you a prime candidate for a diseased heart, start making changes now. That includes eliminating the use of cigarettes or any form of tobacco today. Heart disease can be fatal don’t play around with it.


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