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Wrist tendonitis, what is it? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Tendinitis of the wrist is an inflammation of the wrist tendons. This assignment affects, in particular, athletes practicing a sport of snowshoes, or workers whose activity requires significant stress on the wrists.

Definition of wrist tendinitis

Tendons are small elastic structures, allowing the attachment of muscles to the bones. They participate in the setting in motion of the body, putting into action the bones, during the muscular contraction.

Tendinitis is one of the tendon conditions. Tendinitis of the wrist is defined by an attack of the tendons at the wrists. It is an inflammation of these tendons, the origin of which can be various: sport practice, activities requiring an excessive stress of the wrists, sudden movement, and others.

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Certain work activities may be at the origin of the development of such an attack. These include computer work, or production line activities, requiring significant repetition of actions.

Anyone can be concerned by a risk of tendonitis of the wrist. Nevertheless, athletes (especially those playing snowshoe sports), as well as workers whose activity requires excessive wrist stresses, are more prone to this risk.

A particular case of tendinitis is more and more ascertainable: the tendinitis of the texto. As its name suggests, the increasingly common use of the mobile phone, and thus the repetition of gestures soliciting the fingers and wrists, leads to an increased risk of tendonitis.

Causes of tendonitis of the wrist

The causes of wrist tendonitis can be diverse.

The risk of tendonitis of the wrist is increased by the practice of racket sports: tennis, table tennis, badminton, etc.

Certain work activities, requiring excessive wrist stresses or repetitive gestures at a more or less constrained rate, may also lead to an increased risk of this type of affection.

The evolution of technology and the use of digital are also at the origin of an increased risk of tendinitis. Indeed, the significant use of the computer (keyboard, mouse), as well as the abuse of SMS, are significant factors in terms of tendon risk.

Symptoms of wrist tendinitis

The most common symptoms of wrist tendinitis are:

  • Pain, more and more intense, at the wrists. These pains are felt, especially, in the execution of wrist movements.
  • Wrist stiffness, more important when you wake up.
  • Muscle weakness, or even the impossibility of performing certain movements.
  • A sensation of creaking tendons.
  • Swelling, sometimes with a feeling of heat and redness (characteristic signs of inflammation).
  • The appearance of nodules deeper, affecting the tendons.

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Risk factors for wrist tendinitis

Risk factors, associated with wrist tendonitis, include: intensive snowshoeing, activities (professional and / or personal) involving excessive wrist strains, sudden and insignificant movements.

How to prevent tendonitis of the wrist?

The risk of tendinitis can be reduced by the following means:

  • warm up well before practicing a sports activity
  • Ensure that you are properly equipped, in the event of an activity requiring excessive wrist stresses: mouse pad with wrist support (also for the keyboard), support accessories for the wrists of athletes, etc.
  • avoid the use of repetitive actions as much as it can
  • Take regular breaks, allowing the recovery of the tendons and the muscular system.

How to treat tendonitis of the wrist?

Stopping the activity responsible for tendinitis is the first phase of the management of wrist tendinitis. Rest is highly recommended. With the progressive disappearance of the symptoms, the return, also progressive, to the activity is recommended.

The prescription of paracetamol, or ibuprofen, helps reduce the pain felt in the context of tendonitis of the wrist. In addition, the application of an ice pack is recommended in order to deflate the affected area.

Persistent tenfinitis may require the use of physiotherapy , injections of corticosteroids or shock waves. Surgery is possible, but remains exceptional and for the most important cases of tendonitis.

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