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Activated charcoal – are the benefits a hype or reality?

Natural detoxification has become a craze with people. In fact, the detox craze has become a great business. Among the natural ingredients, which are being used for detoxification, activated charcoal needs special mention. There are different ways in which activated charcoal is being used for the natural detox treatment – it is available in the form of capsules, as a powder as well as pastes etc. Though the majority of people vouch very strongly for this natural ingredient’s properties and benefits, there have been reports that the entire thing is nothing much but a hype. Well, the opinions vary depending upon the results people have obtained from the various activated charcoal products.

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Instances where activated charcoal have seen to have good results

When the history of using activated charcoal was being studied, it was seen that this ingredient had its extensive use in innumerable cultures and countries across the globe. Most of us think that charcoal is used for igniting the barbecue grill. There are many more uses of activated charcoal apart from this. Master aestheticians have opined that activated charcoal is one of the most effective remedies used in Asian countries for the benefits it offers. It is mainly used for detoxification and cleaning. Along with being used in ancient medicine, the use of activated charcoal has been seen in modern medicine as well. Activated charcoal works well on poison. Patients brought into the emergency room after taking something poisonous can be given activated charcoal. The poison binds to the activated charcoal and is removed from the body.

The binding feature of activated charcoal is its main quality. With binding, the charcoal helps in drawing out the toxins. This is the reason that activated charcoal is being used in all kinds of products from toothpaste, skin care products, and supplements. The charcoal facial is a popular treatment nowadays and many skincare experts and aestheticians use the same. The charcoal face mask is also used by many as it helps in removing the toxins successfully. Problems like blackheads, large pores etc. have been seen to be solved with activated charcoal usage. The impurities and toxins tend to get absorbed with the natural ingredient.

Activated charcoal is not always beneficial

It is true that activated charcoal capsule manufacturers will vouch that the natural ingredient has only benefits and so harmful effects, but some experts opine otherwise. Many experts have the opinion that activated charcoal products might not do any harm to your body for being natural, but they don’t do much good as well. Thus investing money in such products might be a complete loss. The effectiveness that the products claim to provide is also questionable.

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One of the best examples in this regard is that of activated charcoal toothpaste. Such toothpaste is being advertised online. Most of the toothpaste are advertised as fluoride free. This toothpaste can help in removing plaque, help in whitening teeth, help in freshening the breath and most importantly it tastes great. Though the black activated charcoal powder claims to make teeth whiter, it might also damage the teeth. The activated charcoal in the paste increases the grittiness and there is an abrasive feeling. This abrasiveness present in the toothpaste can lead to wearing away of the enamel. It has also been seen that patients who have used charcoal toothpaste have stained their teeth in the long run. If the enamel wears off once, it is difficult to regain it. Initially, the whitening results can be seen as the surface stains get removed. But with use over a long period of time, the enamel gets worn off and dentin is exposed. Yellowish tones to the teeth start appearing again.

Along with being used in different products, activated charcoal has found its place in the food and beverages industry as well. It has been seen in smoothies, shakes, pastries, pizzas and many other food products and drinks. Social media is full of such products claiming that they come with amazing health benefits. Experts say that though there might be many claims of the benefits of using activated charcoal in food products like smoothies and ice creams, practically the detox capacity is no longer present in it.

Before you make your activated charcoal capsule bulk purchase, do some real research and study and try understanding whether there are real benefits or whether you are just following the hype like others.

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Updated: November 13, 2018 — 8:36 am
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