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Anavar, How to Use, Benefits and Health Risks


Anavar is an oral steroid and characterizes as a class I steroid. It is used most effectively in combination with trenbolone and testosterone in a small amount. You can use it as a supplement with testosterone.


Being a Class I steroid Anavar is often called as a weak steroid this is possibly due to the reason that Class I steroids alone never work effectively so it is always used in combination with other anabolic steroids. The other reason is that Critics and bodybuilders have different views about the use of anabolic steroids e.g. Anavar is available in the market in the form of just 2.5 mg so if you are taking 8 tablets a day then it will be just 20 mg daily it seems to be meaningless and total dosage per week is just 140 mg so it is very small quantity to be used as a steroid so most of the writers and bodybuilders call this a weak steroid. Anavar is weak in the sense because most of the drugs in this range are not effective even testosterone gives very little effect in this range so no need to worry it doesn’t mean that the steroid lacks potency and it can be made effective by taking a high dose.


Now the higher dose Anavar tablets are also available but it is not as effective if taken alone without a combination of testosterone.

Most of Class I and Class II steroids bind very efficiently with the androgen but pharmacology show that Anvar shows very poor activity toward androgen.

Experience shows that although it is a class I steroid it works more effectively and efficiently in combination with class II steroids and when combines with class II steroid Anavar shows better activity at only 75 mg/day or in some cases it has been observed that it works effectively at 50 mg/day.

Anavar has one more drawback that it does not aromatize and hence it has short half-life of just 8 hours so if you have taken it in the morning it will be no more available to your body at the night, but it works very well during the day and supply reasonable androgen during the day time and sometime in the evening.


But Anavar is found to reduce the fat in men more effectively than testosterone and Deca but only at lower quantity but most of the bodybuilder use more quantity of the Anavar so its effects finely diminish. If you use Anavar to minimize your body’s fat then use it in small quantity otherwise the results are not fruitful.

So at this level, we are able to say that androgen dose don’t depend on Anavar and it works in the same way in the absence or presence of the Anavar. We are not trying to justify that you don’t use Anavar for your body’s fat loss but if you use some other supplement it might be more effective than Anwar.

We recommend you Anavar for your body’s cutting at a lower dose because it is more effective for cutting at a lower dose than most of the testosterone-related steroids. This might be the fact due to combination with testosterone but it is shown by the experience that at lower dosage it is very fruitful to make your body’s cut. It is better in the way that at lower dosage it doesn’t suppress the natural testosterone as in the case of low dose testosterone and nandrolone which are known to suppress the natural testosterone at a lower dosage. One more side effect of the Anavar is that if you use it regularly it will cause liver infection.


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