Balanite cause and Traitement?

Commonly called balanitis an inflammation of the glans. Often the foreskin is also affected and in this case, it is called balanoposthitis.

These inflammations can be of infectious origin, irritative, allergic

The fold between the glans and the prepuce is subject to maceration and the glans, semi-mucosa weakly keratinized in the absence of circumcision, is fragile and exposed to germs.

Thus, rare in circumcised, balanitis is a very common affection among uncircumcised, especially in case of long foreskin.

Balanites manifest as redness, usually starting at the brake and / or the preputial balano sulcus and sometimes extending to the glans and the entire prepuce.

One can also observe a simple red plate well limited on an area of ​​the glans or prepuce.

These eruptions are often accompanied by sensations of burning, itching or even pain.

The most common forms of balanites are:

  • Candidiasis balanitis

It is the most common cause of balanitis, linked to the proliferation of Candida albicans (saprophytic host of the genital mucosa), which have become pathogenic under the influence of various factors: diabetes, obesity, antibiotic intake

Balanitis takes the form of redness that often begins in the preputial balano groove and then gradually spreads. A good diagnostic argument is the aspect of desquamative collar on the periphery of redness, or the presence of small pustules in pinheads forming small white dots.

  • Streptococcal balanitis

Streptococcus is the second leading cause of infectious balanitis after Candida albicans . It is a balanitis that often looks drier than candidal balanitis. Sexual transmission is likely.

In children, there is one form of group A ß-haemolytic streptococcal balanitis, often concomitant with anal involvement.

  • Balanitis with anaerobic germs

Anaerobes are germs that do not need oxygen to grow. Of these, Gardnerella Vaginalis is the most common, with a foul odor and often extensive and inflammatory balanitis.

  • Trichomonas balanitis Vaginalis

It has mostly erosive lesions (superficial wounds) with nauseating purulent coating. It can also be observed urethritis (inflammation of the urethral meatus responsible for micturition). It seems favored by long foreskins and can be complicated by phimosis.

  • Balanite from Zoon

It is a balanitis of unknown etiology, but it would be a form of specific irritation of uncircumcised men. The contributing factors are: heat, friction, trauma,

Insufficient hygiene …

In the majority of cases, balanitis reaches the glans well limited and stable, forming a red and smooth plate, with a mirror image on the foreskin

  • Cancerous balanitis

The most common forms of cancerous balanitis are superficial forms, affecting only the epithelial part of the mucosa. They most often present themselves as a balanitis that does not yield to medical treatments, which the doctor then decides to biopsy, which reveals the diagnosis. Among the cancerous balanitis include Bowen’s disease (intraepithelial carcinoma also called Erythroplasia de Queyrat), papulosis bowenoide or extramammary Paget’s disease.

  • Allergic balanitis

Allergic contact balanitis is caused by allergies to direct contact allergens (latex condoms, antifungals, deodorants, linen) , but also by indirect contact by manuportage or with partners (rubber diaphragm, spermicides, lubricants, red to lips) .

Balanitis is often very inflammatory, glonflated or even painful

The doctor carries out allergological tests which often make it possible to determine the allergen in question.

Treatments of Balanitis

In case of doubt of infectious balanitis, treatment of partners is recommended.

  • Candidiasis balanitis

Antifungal cream to be applied twice a day after careful washing and drying. In severe cases, oral fluconazole therapy may be necessary.

Treatment of an underlying problem ( diabetes ).

  • Streptococcal balanitis

Treatment often involves local and / or general antibiotic therapy, especially in children.

  • Balanites with anaerobes

Treatment with metronidazole 500 mg / day for 7 days

  • Balanites with Trichomonas Vaginalis

Treatment requires metronidazole (2 g single dose) or single dose tinidazole provides cure.

  • Balanite from Zoon

The radical treatment is circumcision which causes a healing in a few weeks.

  • Cancerous balanitis

Removal of lesions by surgery if possible, to avoid transformation into invasive carcinoma

  • Allergic balanitis

The treatment of the thrust is carried out using dermocorticoids and it is recommended the eviction of the allergen in question

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