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Blisters: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment


Blister refers to a packet of fluid found in the upper skin layers and is a common response of the body towards any injury or pressure. Feet are the most affected part of the body by blisters. Tight fitting shoes and frication damage the skin and then blister forms to cover the area to prevent the further damage. In this way body absorbs the fluid during healing and the underlying skin recovers. The time duration for the blister formation and it working vary from week to two.

The size of blisters depends on the situation and cause of formation but normally it ranges from a pinprick to few centimeters. The blood blisters normally formed due to pinch or bruise to the lining of skin which results in the breakdown of blood vessels such as capillaries.
Symptoms of Blister

The symptoms of a blister include:

  • A tender and reddened skin which may lead to pain
  • A lump which can be easily seen as a raised skin with clear fluid inside it
  • But some time the lamp may be filled with blood which is painful.

Causes of Blister formation

The common causes of blister formation include:

  • The fitted shoes
  • Any kind of friction like using a shovel for whole day without wearing gloves cause blisters on palms of your hands.
  • Burns or scalds
  • Unadorned sunburn even when sun is not at its peak
  • Severe allergies against irritants
  • Infection due to viral attack like warts and herpes
  • Infection due to fungal attack like tinea between the toes and sole of the feet

Blisters don’t need medical attention until and unless they are very severe and cause severe burn or have an underlying infection. While treating a blister always keep in mind that don’t burst the blister. This will hinder the healing process and possibly cause an infection. If all these attempts are not possible then gently wash the blister with a soap and the burst it with a finally heated needle to sterilize it.

After this allow the fluid to flow slowly and escape out of the place where it was formed. The roof created can be easily covered with a band-aid or with dressing. After that don’t remove the dressing as it will cause hurdle in healing and also a risk of infection is always there. In case when blisters can again or refill again then you can repeat the same process.

How to Treat Blisters

The blisters can be easily treated by the following methods:

  • If your blister burst and try to avoid peeling, and allow the body to heal itself.
  • Use antiseptics it will help in healing along with it use dressing or band-aid to protect the affected area and make sure that dirt or irritants can’t reach the affected area.
  • Don’t apply the tape for dressing, because removing the tape may remove the skin as well and as a result severe pain arises.
  • Always reapply antiseptic and change the dressing on regular basis.
  • Don’t apply the folk remedies such as butter or vinegar because these are not helpful.

When to see a Doctor

You need to visit your doctor or physician for treatment if:

  • When blisters is caused due to burn, severe sunburn or scalds.
  • When the blisters start producing pus either green or yellow with smelly fluid
  • If the blisters continue to swollen or inflammation occurs
  • If your blister is the cause of any infection

Treatment for Blisters

Treatment depends on the cause of the blisters

  • Drainage of the fluid but with sterilization
  • Use professional padding or dressing techniques
  • In case of blister formation due to bacterial attack use antibiotics
  • If the infection is viral then use antiviral
  • If the blisters are formed due to some kind of allergy then perform treatment for allergy

Prevention of Blisters

Prevention commonly include:

  • Always use those shoes which fit properly and area not very tight
  • Always use those socks which absorbs moisture but themselves are dry because moisture cause friction and rubbing which help in blister formation
  • Always use sports socks for exercise or playing purpose
  • If you feel hotness on specific localized area then stop playing and check properly the hot area and do necessary preventions such as tape that area
  • To reduce the sweating apply deodorant foot spray it will reduce the possible effects of fungal infection
  • Damp socks must be changed because they are known to drag against human skin
  • For using shovel and picks always wear heavy gloves
  • Use hats, clothing and sunscreens to avoid sunburns
  • Avoid chemicals and if you need to perform work with chemicals then always wear safety gloves
  • Always careful with all those things which radiate heat such as flames, steams and flammable objects

How you can Help Out

  • You can help out by your doctor
  • Podiatrist can help you
  • You can also consult with a pharmacist
  • The finest one which can guide you about the blisters and its medication is the dermatologist

What you need to remember

  • Always remember that blister refers to the packet of fluid that is formed in the upper layer of the skin and is a response against friction or injury
  • Your feet are the organs which are prone to the blisters
  • You don’t need medical attention until blisters cause sever pain or they are happening due to some kind of infection or they produce pus

You always need to know about blisters and their common types and when to response against blisters. To be very honest if you clean up your body on daily basis and if you have good hygienic habits then you are very rare to be affected by blisters. Always wear neat and clean socks and if need to change them twice a day then do it. Deodorant is very helpful against blisters because it helps to remove moisture and keep your feet dry. If blister formation is excessive then consult proper dermatologist so that he can perform a complete skin test to point out the exact cause of blister formation and to help out you.

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