Creatine: Effects and Side Effects of Creatine

Few years ago, athletes recommended that creatine should be taken before exercise. Those who supported this approach realized that using of creatine before exercise boosts up the energy to max level.

Therefore there are many possible reasons why not to take creatine before workout or exercise.

There are many advantages of taking creatine after your workout because after workout our muscles are so sensitive and in need of insulin-mediated uptake or creatine. For this reason we can take benefit of this situation by taking healthy amount of creatine along with carbohydrates and protein, this combination of nutrients helps in by releasing a good amount of anabolic hormones, and also produces hormones in our body.

Therefore, taking creatine along with carbohydrates and proteins shakes should enhance our body strength and boost muscle growth rapidly.

According to my experience and practical guide for creatine use, I strongly recommend that creatine should be taken after workout, which increases creatine absorption and enhances muscles growth more effectively.

And the most important thing is that I m not talking about some specific creatine products. I m talking about all the creatine! Whether it is in powder form or any other form. Either it is used by athletes or bodybuilders. All types of creatine should be taken after workout or exercise because you can gain more and more weight in less time and honestly speaking you will see sparkling results in your body.

Among all the supplements, creatine is considered as the most effective and healthy supplement for the body because it neither has any side effects nor causes any damage to your muscles. And most the experienced trainers highly recommend creatine because it serves as a complete and effective diet after work out. Most people think that Creatine is type of steroid, but it is not true.

But it is consider better to use the natural foods as a diet and not to use any sort of supplements because the only food that is trust worthy is produced by Nature. And it also has pure proteins and nutrition’s. And if any one wants to have a healthy body and strong muscles he/she should use natural products. Because is full of proteins and if someone wants to build muscles and body he/she cant afford to ignore proteins.


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