What is difference between Mania and Phobia

Difference between Mania and Phobia:- Manias and phobias refer to two very different psychological and psychiatric concepts. However, popularly they are often used as synonyms and are not used in any case. The basis, the general concept and the symptomatically of each disorder are very different. Mania is a word (derived from the ancient Greek “mania “, which means “madness, dementia or state of fury”), which designates a mental disorder related to the mood of the people. Below this post is all about the difference between mania and phobia.

Mania vs. Phobia

Difference between Mania and Phobia


It is characterized by exaggerated euphoria, obsessive fixed ideas and agitated and delirious states, acceleration and intensification of thoughts and emotions. It is one of the phases of bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depressive psychosis.

Popularly the term mania is used to designate behavior or behavior strange and persistent in the character of an individual. Another popular meaning is “to have mania to someone”, which expresses an antipathy or exaggerated dislike to certain people or things.


For its part, Phobia is also another word derived from the ancient Greek “Phobos” (in Greek mythology Phobos was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, who personified fear and horror). Phobos means “panic.”

The word “phobia ” is used to refer a psychological disorder characterized by an intense disproportionate and irrational fear of specific things or a situation. Examples of popular phobia in our society are in “claustrophobia” (directed to closed spaces), agoraphobia (against open spaces) or entomophobia (to insects).

Its main difference with fear is that the phobia has an irrational nature, elevates anxiety levels highly and becomes incapacitating for the person suffering from this disorder in the presence of the triggering stimulus.

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