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No matter what you are and how healthy you are, there is no place like home. The look of your home has a profound effect on your life. It can affect both physically and psychologically. Your life and your success depend on how you view yourself as a person. Everyone has a concept of themselves. In addition to the beauty of the skin, the most important factors that affect how he defines himself, his work, his home, how he dresses and his family. The wrong home environment can have a negative impact on your health and your ability to do things in life. Of course, home decor is one of the most important factors in creating a good home atmosphere. This article is about “the effect of home decor on your health” and suggests some tips to keep your health in good condition and to stay healthy.

Mental health: For many years, researchers have studied the color effect on mental well-being. Some colors are stimulating, while others have a calming effect. Therefore, one should be careful when choosing wall colors as they have a direct impact on your health. The red color stimulates and excites your mind. Selective red use gives you energy and stimulation. Blue means a calm and relaxing environment. Children who are prone to tantrums and aggressive behavior could benefit from the calming effect of blue. On the contrary, inappropriate use of colors would lead to a negative effect on health. An indoor water feature in a favorable area of ​​your home buy your house from rockytophomebuyers will give you positive thinking and help you focus on your goal. Light, music, water, air, plants, mirrors, wind power, houseplants and flowers give you joy and happiness.

Weight: Decor with dining table with green theme could avoid overeating while orange stimulates the appetite and would be good for picky eater.

Breath: the blankets give us comfort and a feeling of warmth. But mites love to live on your blanket, and the proteins in your feces are transported in the air when disturbed, affecting your skin and respiratory system. If you suffer from asthma or eczema, it is better to use hard floors like hard wood floors. Like when you buy your sofas or chairs, choose a fabric (such as leather) that mites can not colonize. Restoring the room by disassembling and vacuuming the house regularly will prevent many allergy-related breathing problems. Like closed cupboards and cupboards, they prevent dust accumulation. Smoking cigarettes indoors can predispose to conditions such as asthma and bronchiolitis in children.

Heart and circulation: Redness may increase blood pressure, heart rate and cause poor coordination. Pink has a calming effect, relaxes muscles and reduces heart rate. Blue tends to lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. The heart is a symbol of love and relationship. Decorations such as candle pairs, rose quartz crystals and objects made of materials such as porcelain, china, clay, stone or terracotta are believed to be useful for the heart and enhance the feeling of love and togetherness.

Eyes: The eyes are often considered a part of the brain, and anything that affects the eyes will have a direct and immediate effect on your brain and mentality. Adequate lighting is important to avoid adverse effects on the eyes. Too much lighting increases your stress, causing headaches and irritability. At the same time, poor lighting will cause eye fatigue that will cause recurrent headaches and problems such as myopia.

Musculoskeletal: Home accidents are among the leading causes of injury and death in the United States. Most of them are easy to prevent. Avoid slippery floors. Remove small rugs, or use double-sided tape to prevent rugs from slipping. Use a rubber mat along the entire length of the tub and a non-slip bath mat next to the tub. Improve the lighting in your home. As you get older, you need brighter lights to look good. A night light in the bathroom can also make night trips to the bathroom safer. Avoid excessive stress on your joints. Use larger or stronger joints to do things. Assistive devices can facilitate tasks at home and at work. Consider using a long-handled clamp to reach objects that are on high shelves or on the floor. Make sure that the hinges, door angles and cabinet doors work well and are repaired.

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