Jintropin, Types, Advantages, Dosages and Health Risks


The natural human growth hormone contains 191 amino acid sequences in combination, keeping in mind the same idea Jintropin is synthesized to produce by Ecoli secretion technology and contains the same 191 amino acid sequence as the human growth hormone possessed. Jintropin prepare HGH with high degree of purity.

Natural HGH contains 191 amino acid sequences, to improve its secretion genetic engineering has synthesized Hormones but these hormones are of two types.


The 191 amino acid HGH

The 192 amino acid HGH

Jintropin is the only pure 191 amino acid HGH sold in china all other are 192 amino acid HGH, although most claim to have 191 HGH but they are actually not because they have traces of 192 HGH amino acid sequences.

The advantage of synthesizing Jintropin a 191 HGH sequence hormone over 192 HGH sequence hormone is that if you use jintropin it has almost the same symmetry as that of the natural HGH hormone so it will not produce too many antibodies in your body but if you use 192 hormone then it will produce huge number of anti bodies and thus your natural growth hormone stop functioning and all the advantages become useless. So it is advisable to use jintropin rather than other brands that contain 192 HGH sequences.


Jintropin is the only 191 sequential hormone all other claims are wrong and it was proved by tests that they contain 192 amino acids, and be aware of the fact that amino acids function in sequence only and even a small change in their sequence will results in abnormalities. If during formation any one of the amino acid changes its position this will result in permanent abnormality so jintropin is highly sensitive and synthesize by highly selective techniques to provide you safe environment. The main reason behind this is that all the body structures ar made up of protein and protein in turn are produced by combination of amino acids and if any sequence is change then the whole protein will become denature or destroy so normal function will be lost.


One time injection of jintropin produce only 3% of the antibodies and after its one month injection there will be no more increase in the antibodies but if you use 192 HGH then with the second injection of dose it will produce 25-50 % of antibodies this will result in subnormal functioning of the natural HGH and then it stop working at all.

There is no steroid or hormone in the market that has the ability to recover the destroyed or dead natural hormones so always be selective while using growth hormones and only use jintropin and discard all other brands. These may be cheap but they have long term effects on your natural hormones. On the other hand jintropin work in addition to natural growth hormones and induce the natural productivity of hormones inside the body.

Jintropin is only effective during growth period so it is very healthy for infants and some youngsters but its excessive use in the older age results in permanent retention of hormone inside the bones and tissues and this will results in different abnormalities such as muscle fatigue, sleeplessness, headache, permanent edema, carcinoma and in severe cases bone marrow cancer may occur.


Always use jintropin after consulting a specialist physician who knows yor mental and medical history so that the drug will become fruitful for you.

Besides all of these disadvantages jintropin has so many advantages that it can be use safely after the advice given by your physician, and the results caused by jintropin will be fruitful for you if you use it with care and safety


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