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If you are in search of the anabolic cycles then it surely indicates that you have importance for an efficient post cycle therapy. Most of the people around the world think that post cycle therapy is not more than the recovery of HPTA and some hormones and natural test production, but in reality, it is much more than this. You want to recover your natural test but in addition, you also need to bring your hormones to a normal level. The two hormones which you don’t want to be more than normal level during PCT are estrogen and progesterone and you don’t need them to be higher than normal even after PCT. This may happen during and after PCT cycle.


OTC PTC supplements are designed to boost up the natural test and after running a complete cycle of prohormones control the estrogen in your body. OTC PCT bodybuilding supplements contain all necessary ingredients in the form of Trans-Resveratrol and ATD, 6-Bromo Forskolin. In the UK it is believed that  Bodybuilding warehouses are considered to be the better most effective and no supplement can be better than bodybuilding. We recommend you to use BBS (Better Body Sports Complete PCT – 60), Warrior Bulbin, Complete PCT and worrier DAA.


After an OTC cycle muscle recovery, aggression, feeling of well being, strength, and drive is lost in normal cases. In most of the cases all these factors are completely ignored by you and we emphasize here simply to combine and induce everything you need after running the cycle and help you in recover completely and save all above mentioned that you have lost during OTC cycle. You only need to follow the direction which are given to you and do rest. Start the PCT on the same day where you stop your OCT and run it as mention.

  1. Power chews D test
  2. Formal Stanzol3. Forged post cycle


Dosage given

1-4 Formal Stanzol You need 5 pumps to be rubbed on your chest 2 times in a day morning and night

1-4 Power chews D test you need 2 capsules in a day 1 in the morning and other at the night

2-6 Power chews D test you need to take full dose early in the morning

5-6 Formal stanzol you need 3 pumps to be rubbed on your chest.

After you cease the use of anabolic androgenic steroids they may suppress their natural production of testosterone and in severe cases, the lower level of steroids reach in your body system and leave you in catabolic state cycle instead of anabolic. This may disturb your body’s ability to maintain your muscle mass which was over gained during the cycle. Now at this level, you are aware that you must have to find the ways to recover your natural testosterone production so that you have a better environment for good health and you can maintain your muscle tissues.


You can also use tamoxifen and Clomiphene citrate effectively to recover natural testosterone production. Both have the ability to block estrogen in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus which will cease the negative feedback inhibition. The use of drugs which successfully increase FSH in the body of males and also increase LH is very effective. Both of these hormones in return increase the testosterone in the body.  OTC PTC is necessary for all the steroid users and you always need to have PTC after your each OTC cycle otherwise both hormones the progesterone and testosterone will not work efficiently. If you are aware of the side effects associated with OTC then you can save yourself by using other supplements.


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