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Top 5 tips to take care of your eyes this summer

Learn how to take care of your eyes this summer
The hot season and the holidays are here. High summer temperatures and prolonged exposure to the sun, sweat, water, and other substances increase the risk of some eye problems. In-room one we show you how to be prepared to take care of your eyes this summer.

  1. Limit direct sun exposure

Although wearing sunglasses is recommended year-round, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation greatly increases on vacation. Although this is considered to be more damaging to the skin, the reality is that the eyes are more delicate than the skin and suffer more damage explained by . Exposure to the sun’s rays can cause several minor annoyances and even end up seriously damaging the eyes and vision.

Direct exposure to the sun and dry environments as a result of extreme temperatures can cause dry eyes, tearing, irritation of the white part of the eye (conjunctiva) and increase the risk of developing puckering or pterygium. Other more serious consequences may be irritation of the cornea (keratitis) and an increased risk of cataract and damage to the retina and macula.

Protecting yourself from the sun is a must, so we recommend limiting direct exposure to sunlight. Try to stay in the shade as long as possible and do not forget to wear caps, hats or any type of protection that limits direct contact of the eyes with the sun’s rays.

Hat on the beach to protect yourself from the sunlight in the summer

  1. Wear sunglasses/sunglasses

Although wearing sunglasses is a recommended practice throughout the year, exposure to ultraviolet rays is greater and more harmful during the summer.

A very important aspect that we do not consider is the quality of the sunglasses. Dark lenses purchased from unreliable or unspecialized establishments do not contain the necessary filters to provide adequate protection. In addition to not filtering the ultraviolet rays, these lenses without sanitary control cause the pupil to dilate due to the darkening of the vision and increases the risk of damage to the eyes.

Try to acquire the dark glasses in a certified establishment so that the protection of your eyes is effective.

Little girl in the pool in the summer with sunglasses to protect herself from UV rays

In room optics one we offer you certified dark glasses to take care of your eyes in the correct way. Schedule an appointment right now at and let our professionals guide you in the best way.

  1. Take care of the heat, saltpeter and chlorine

The heat increases sweating around the eyes and invites us to cool off in swimming pools, spas and beaches. Although these water tanks are treated every day, the large number of people who occupy them increases the risk of water contamination and infection. In addition, the substances used to clean swimming pools also increase the risk of eye irritation. Therefore, the use of protective glasses for swimming is a measure that protects your eyes and those you love most.

Prevention is the most effective measure to protect yourself. Also try not to share towels and do not dry your face or body with towels that have been on the ground, grass, dirt or sand for a long time to avoid eye irritation or the spread of infections.

  1. Beware of dry environments

Extreme temperatures and excessive use of fans and air conditioners increase the dryness of the environment. This type of environment increases the speed at which natural tears evaporate from the eyes. Dry eyes cause irritation, redness and itching of the eyes, even leading to rubbing and increasing damage. Because of them, taking care of your eyes by limiting exposure to these factors will not only help you avoid these discomforts, it can also prevent the appearance of conjunctivitis or other more serious damages.

If you already suffer from dry eyes or wear contact lenses, the use of artificial tears is another measure that can help you combat this problem.

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Go to our eye health specialists to receive the best care and provide you with the appropriate treatment.

Three girls swimming with goggles for swimming in the summer

  1. Limit the use of contact lenses

The use of contact lenses is not recommended in swimming pools, rivers, lakes or on the beach. This increases the risk of eye irritation from substances in the water, from contact with sweat or from contact with sand. We recommend using frame lenses if you are going to do any of these activities, preferably dark prescription glasses.

Now, if you can not do without contact lenses, try to take better care of your eyes using other protection devices, such as swimming glasses. It is important that you do your part and help your eyes. When removing contact lenses, don’t forget to wash your hands well with soap and water before doing so and hydrate your eyes with appropriate drops. The care and cleaning of your contact lenses is essential.

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