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How to properly care for your skin

Skin care

Every individual has to face skin problems in the form of dryness, acne, oiliness, wrinkles, pimples or discoloration including both darkness and lightening of skin. Most of the above mentioned issues can be easily resolve by just simple care if you put a little attention to your skin. We have gathered some knowledge that how you can properly care for your skin to get fresh and shiny skin.

Ø  Figure out your skin category

skin kinds

·         Normal skin

If this is the case you are very lucky and no need to worry about because your skin doesn’t get oily, dry or any sort of humiliating texture. The pore size is very small.

·         Sensitive skin

This is the most alarming condition because this kind of skin is very reactive. Depending upon the environment and the products you are using it may become oily or dry or may feel some kind of itchy sensations.

·         Dry skin

Dry skin suffer roughness when you are exposed to cold weather.

·         Combination skin

A kind of skin in which skin texture is such that it may be oily at some stage but may become dry on changing the conditions.

·         Blemish-Prone

In that case skin is prone to pimples, blackheads and have excess oil.

·         Oily skin

It became oily and shining after some time even though you don’t use any cream.

Ø  Use face wash twice a day

Skin is the most exposed part of the body it is very necessary to wash out skin to remove dirt and any kind of bacteria and viruses. If you don’t wash your face properly dirt starts sitting on your face and damage the overall exposure. Make it a habit to wash out skin twice a day. Don’t wash out skin more than twice a day because it as damaging as you are not washing skin, because skin become dry, reddish and irritating. It is advisable to wash skin once in morning so that it will remove any kind of oil that may be built during sleep and once in the evening so that after exposure to bad environment it will help you to get rid of any kind of dirt on skin.

face wash

Ø  Apply toner

Toner is the 1st sign for how much you are conscious about your skin but unluckily most of the women skip using toner. Toning has many advantages associate with it. Toner helps in removing any kind of dirt and give lustrous look to skin. As the skin has an ideal slightly acidic behavior, toner help to regain the pH balance of skin. In addition to this toner helps to adsorb the products that you are using during make up. Toner also adds up essential ingredients to your skin. The ingredients greatly depends upon the way you want to get benefit from toner such as , if you have blemish prone skin then it will add up alpha and beta hydrooxy acids to your skin. People having dry skin may use toners which contain vitamin E and anti-aging toners contain anti-oxidant and retinoid.

skin toner

Ø  Apply moisturizers

Moisturizers are necessary for all kinds of skins and is he most important step in skin care. As the name suggest they help to restore the water in the upper most layer of the skin. They are very important because they are light weight and are non-greasy in nature. In addition to this they help to improve skin texture and give fresh look. But moisturizers depends upon the skin type so always first decide type of your skin and then look for the best moisturizer.


Ø  Regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliation helps to remove dead cells and skin looks fresh, lustrous and shining. Depending upon your skin exfoliation is necessary once a weak but you may extend it.  Most of the people believe that exfoliation refers to scrubbing the skin to an inch of its total life. This is not true because it may harm skin and leave tears behind it. Always scrub skin gently.moisturizers

Ø  Remove make-up

The most pleasing answer to this when you get in touch with people is why we remove completely make-up, yet we have to do it on the next day again. Most of the people under estimate it that is very dangerous because most of the chemicals you are using have specific half-life and as the time passes it may harm you flashy skin. If make-up left overnight it may stuck in to pores and as a result moisture content will be imbalanced. This will results in black heads, skin become oily and breakouts.

Ø  Always use sun screen

The least you can do is to always use sun screens if you want to have perfect skin. The rays that strikes the earth contain harmful UV-A and UV-B which are very dangerous the sun screen block all of these rays and protect you through hot sunny day. Sun screen also protects you against aging and helps in delayed aging.



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